Candidate Release: WSJT-X Version 1.9.0-rc2

On-the-Air Test of New FT8 “DXpedition Mode” Set for Early March

Test times and frequencies are:

March 6, 2300 UTC on 14.080 MHz

March 7, 0000 UTC on 10.141 MHz

March 7, 0100 UTC on 7.080 MHz

March 7, 0200 UTC on 3.585 MHz.

Frequencies are not the conventional FT8 operating frequencies and are subject to change, subject to conditions. Last-minute changes will be posted.

According to the FT8 DXpedition Mode User Guide, contacts between the DXpedition station and callers can be completed in as little as one transmission apiece by the calling station. Authorized DXpedition stations can transmit up to five signals simultaneously, allowing contact rates up to about 500 per hour under ideal conditions.

Operation will use split mode, which is already commonplace for DXpeditions. The DXpedition station (Fox) will transmit at audio frequencies between 300 and 900 Hz; multiple simultaneous signals will be spaced at 60 Hz intervals. Calling stations (Hounds) make initial calls anywhere in the 1000 – 4000 Hz range………..


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