June 1 begins the radio marathon dedicated to the World Cup in 2018.

Unfortunately, Eugene R4AS has not yet finished writing instructions on how to register and upload logs.

I hope he does it very soon. Information about the work of the site can be obtained from him

On May 31 the following calls taking part:

3Z18FWC (Poland)
6V1FWC (Senegal)
7S18FWC (Sweden)
7X2FIFA (Algeria)
8S18FWC (Sweden)
9A18FWC (Croatia)
A60FIFA (United Arab Emirates)
A71FIFA (Qatar)
A91FWC (Bahrain)
AO18FWC (Spain)
AY0FWC (Argentina)
CN18FWC (Morocco)
CR2018FWC (Portugal, Azores)
CW18FWC (Uruguay)
DJ18FWC (Germany)
DK18FWC (Germany)
DT18FIFA (Korea)
DT18FWC (Korea)
DX18FIFA (Philippines)
E70FIFA (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
ER18FIFA (Moldova)
EV18FWC (Belarus)
G6XX (England)
GB18FIFA (North Ireland, 01.06.2018-28.06.2018)
GB18FIFA (Scotland, 30.06.2018-15.07.2018)
GB18FWC (England)
GI6XX (North Ireland)
GM6XX (Scotland)
GW6XX (Wales)
HD18FIFA (Ecuador)
HF18FWC (Poland)
HG18FIFA (Hungary)
HH18FIFA (Haiti)
HI0RCD (Dominican Republic)
HP18FWC (Panama)
HZ18FIFA (Saudi Arabia)
HZ18FWC (Saudi Arabia)
II9FIFA (Italy)
J32FIFA (Grenada)
KP4ES (Puerto Rico)
LX18FIFA (Luxembourg)
MB18FIFA (Scotland – 10,13,14 July)
MB18FIFA (Wales – 12 July)
OC18FWC (Peru)
OE18FIFA (Austria)
OM18FIFA (Slovakia)
OM2018FIFA (Slovakia)
OU18FWC (Denmark)
PA18FIFA (Netherlands)
PZ18FIFA (Suriname)
SB18FWC (Sweden)
SC18FWC (Sweden)
SD18FWC (Sweden)
SE18FWC (Sweden)
SF18FWC (Sweden)
SH18FWC (Sweden)
SI18FWC (Sweden)
SU18FWC (Egypt)
SX18FIFA (Greece)
TM18FWC (France)
UP18FIFA (Kazakhstan)
V218FIFA (Antigua and Barbuda)
VB18FIFA (Canada)
VK18FIFA (Australia)
VP9FIFA (Bermuda)
VR2FIFA (Hong Kong)
YB18FIFA (Indonesia)
YI0FIFA (Iraq)
YL18FIFA (Latvia)
YU18FWC (Serbia)
YW18FIFA (Venezuela)
Z60FIFA (Kosovo)
ZA18FIFA (Albania)
ZL18FIFA (New Zealand)
ZZ18FWC (Brazil)

I suggest that everyone starts working from 00:00 UTC on June 1.

The order of uploading logs to the site will be announced later.

Also, all special stations need to open pages on QRZ.COM.

If someone has difficulties, you can contact UA6JD/W7

He will help for free.

Download “Rules” in English and Spanish here

73! Aliy Kuysokov – UA6YW, also RU18WC (Coordinator)

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