SWISSLOG for Windows – Update 5.99

Version  5.99 25.12.2018

This version includes the following corrections/enhancements:

  • NEW: DX Alerts: Now you can set DX Alerts in the renewed Schedules function.Swisslog will show up a DX Alert dialog when reading any spot of the callsigns defined as DX Alerts during the defined range of date  (you can even set a sound announcement!). Please read the Schedules / DX Alerts chapter in the Swisslog help (Other features).
  • NEW: JS8Call support. Please read “Digital modes interfaces” in Help.
  • NEW: Tools / Export log to WSJT-X / JTDX: now with just a single click, you can export all your QSOs worked from the modes recognised by WSJT-X / JTDX and Swisslog will create and copy the wsjtx_log.adi directly into the log folder of WSJT-X and/or JTDX. Swisslog will also create a backup copy of the existing wsjtx_log.adi (wsjtx_log_bak.adi) to revert operation in case of problems. Please read the Other Features chapter in the Swisslog help for further details.
  • NEW: Realtime entry: now you can switch realtime entry ON/OFF by double clicking in the date field. In realtime mode, background colour in the start/end time and date fields will be set to yellow. Otherwise will be set to white colour.
  • NEW: Statistic Quick Info View: Splitter bars position are now saved to remember user customization.
  • NEW: Image viewer: now window position and size is saved to remember these settings for the next session. Defined a timeout of 10 seconds to avoid freezing when an image takes a lot to download.
  • NEW: Added the QSL Manager field to the default query in logbook views.
  • NEW: World Map: Now there is an “ALL” option in the Gridsquares field to display all confirmed/worked/needed grid squares in all bands.
  • NEW: Added Diploma 16 to Diploma 20 fields in the PQTH table to allow more awards.
  • NEW: Added WAZ-QSL, WAZ-LOTW, eZ40 (eQSL), ILLW (International Lighthouse/Lighthouse Weekend) and WLOTA statistics.
  • Deleted: Dx message window: Option “Update Quick-Stat automatically”. This option created many side effects. It really had no sense because the info displayed in the Quick Info was impossible to read if many spots were entering at the same time.
  • Deleted: Update AGCW member list from Internet: AGCW no longer makes available their member list due to EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • Changed: LoTW synch requires SSL connections with TLS 1.2 which is only supported in Windows Vista or higher. If you have Windows XP this function will be disabled.
  • Corrected: ADIF import: the OPERATOR field from ADIF was wrongly imported to L_OPERATOR and C_OP_NAME (this field is the logging operator’s callsign). Now at first start up of this version, Swisslog will read all your callsigns from all your MyQTHs and will delete them if found in the L_OPERATOR and/or C_OP_NAME fields.
  • Corrected: ADIF import: Swisslog didn’t import any QSO from ADIF files without header.
  • Corrected: ADIF import: “PQTH is not in Edit or Insert mode” error message and importation was aborted.
  • Corrected: Import QSO: when asked to assign an unknown field, column size could not be changed. If field name was very long user could not wider column.
  • Corrected: Import QSO: violation error if trying to start a new importation without closing the window of the last importation. Now Swisslog will try to close the last window of the last importation (if exists) before starting a new importation.
  • Corrected: Importing QSOs from another Swisslog database: Time field was displayed as 30/12/1899 in QSO listings.
  • Corrected: World map: if Swisslog is installed for the first time, the default high quality texture was not used and land territories were displayed in green colour.
  • Corrected: World map: if selecting a band in the DXCC field where you have no QSOs, the DXCC colour status was not displayed correctly.
  • Changed: World map: redesigned the upper part of the window to allow more space for map. Configuration button name has been changed by an icon.
  • Corrected: Band maps / Dx messages: “” is not a valid integer value” error message when single clicking on a spot with /MM stations.
  • Corrected: Band maps / Dx messages: now Swisslog uses the UTC time defined in Windows instead the time difference to UTC defined in the selected My QTH in order to calculate spot lifetime. No spots were displayed if user didn’t set the right time difference in the selected My QTH.
  • Corrected: Dx messages: when double clicking on a spot, if “Log QSO” was one of the double click actions, the last spot appeared repeatedly all the time.
  • Corrected: WSJT-X/JTDX link: Swisslog didn’t read data after closing WSJT-X or JTDX then opening it again.
  • Corrected: different errors when creating a new logbook
  • Corrected: Add QSO, “Info QSL” tab: Swisslog counted QSOs as eQSL confirmed if the station was eQSL AG member but eQSL confirmation was not received.
  • Corrected: eQSL and LoTW confirmations were not added in the DME statistic definitions.
  • Corrected: Sound Dx announcements: if using several statistics in Dx message window, sound announcements for New, Needed or Worked didn’t work well. Sound announcements will only read the Dx Type (New, Needed, Worked) from the first statistic in the DX message window. If you need sound announcements from several statistics, you will have to use different DX message windows selecting only one statistic in every one of them.
  • Corrected: some minor cosmetic errors.
  • Updated country table. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Erik, EI4KF.

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