Update MIXW-4 1.07

MixW4 has a 15-day evaluation period, so you may try it before you buy it.

Unregistered version is fully functional, it only shows the UNREGISTERED window to the user.


BUG fixed: The Earth view does not show the direction on the callsign in the contest mode
BUG fixed: The grabber should not capture the callsign in a non-empty field
BUG fixed: Fields: Name, QTH not clear if new callsign is absent in QRZ base
BUG fixed: AUTOCQ macro does not work as expected
BUG fixed: Cancelling an ADIF file output creates a .adi file
BUG fixed: Macro <fq:+1.000>does not work</fq:+1.000>
BUG fixed: Mode RTTYM displays frequency in the RX Window
BUG fixed: Import log from MixW-3 puts data in wrong MixW4 log fields
BUG fixed: ADIF file load changes CNTY field data
BUG fixed: Update log entry with LoTW data. Dates incorrect
BUG fixed: MixW4 log search on country unreliable
BUG fixed: Unable to change QSO country
BUG fixed: Multiple RX windows change mode at the same time
BUG fixed: MixW4 crash whilst resizing 2nd Rx window
The color scheme of the Rx view is aligned with MixW3
Added choice of callsign for the grabber’s contour menu
CAT Kenwood commands processing improved
Always ON/OFF added to PTT RST/DTR CAT settings
Support RBN cluster
Band map added
Create bookmarks from DXCluster on waterfall
New DX-Cluster

Known bug:
If you have problems with decoding, you need to close the RX window and re-open it.
We are working on it…

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