Release: WSJT-X 2.0.1 (25-02-2019)

WSJT-X  2.0.1 is  a bug  fix  release including  the following  defect
repairs reported since the v2.0.0 GA release.

 - Remove startup message about importance of upgrading to v2.0.
 - Relax ADIF log file parsing to allow garbage between records and
   records with no DX callsign
 - Fix bug that prevented retention of power and comments in
   Log QSO window
 - Updates to User Guide
 - MSK144 frequency defaults to 50.260 in IARU Regions 2 and 3
 - Remove hexadecimal RGB values from color-configuration panel
 - Fix a bounds error by not executing Fox-related code when not
   in Fox mode
 - Allow the logQSO dialog to modify "Exch Sent" or "Rcvd" when 
   operating in RTTY or NA VHF Contest mode, and to have any
   changes flow through to N1MM Logger.
 - Fix several problems in handling hashed callsigns
 - More rigorous quality checking of WSPR decodes from the OSD algorithm
 - Fix bug that prevented recevied signal reports from
   compound callsigns to be logged
 - Improved recognition of callsigns with /P or /R suffixes
 - Do not waste time trying AP decoding of nonstandard callsigns
 - Make OSD decoding work with WSPR "type 2" messages
 - Retain in Tx6 message field any CQ messages like
   "CQ xxxx K1ABC FN42", where xxxx is 1-4 letters or 1-3 digits
 - Optional key bindings for F1 through F5, especially for contest use
 - Include grid in Tx1 messages with hashed callsign, for example
   "<DF2018ARDF> K1ABC FN42"
 - Better formatting for the files ALL.TXT and ALL_WSPR.TXT
 - Correct a flaw in validating contest exchange data when logging
 - Option to always start new decode periods at top of Band
   Activity window
 - New command "Erase WSPR hashtable" on the File menu
 - Improved validation for ARRL RTTY RU and FD exchange fields
 - UDP Reference applications join a multicast group on all available
   multicast capable network interfaces
 - Minor code changes to support Qt versions >=5.10
 - Changes to support x64 Windows builds in preparation for Qt v5.12
 - Add "ADIF Export ..." to Fox Log's contextual popup menu
 - Use ARRL-required names for VHF+ bands in exported Cabrillo log
 - New utility program rigctlcom-wsjtx (from Hamlib)
 - Remove temporary FT8 working frequencies from default frequency list
 - UDP protocol's Clear (3) message is made two-way, for better
   communication with DX Lab Suite applications
 - Reset QSO start time when aborting a QSO or clearing messages by ESC
   or F4
 - Correct a logging issue in Fox's ADIF log when Fox sends RR73 to more
   than one Hound in the same Tx sequence.

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