Update DXLog.net 2.4.8

DXLog.net – contest logging software

Welcome to DXLog.net, ham radio contest logging software by 9A5K.



  • Audio control is now absolute. The relative “primary/secondary” model for audio control is removed. (SM7IUN)
  • Fixed issue with RIT on Yaesu FT-991, FT-991A, and FTDX-101D. (SM7IUN)
  • RDA contest and data base updated. (SM7IUN, TNX UR7QM)
  • Rate window no longer shows (irrelevant) audio status in SO1R. (SM7IUN)
  • SSA MT contest and data base updated. (SM7IUN, TNX SM5AJV)
  • YO DX contest and data base updated. (SM7IUN, TNX SP5KP)
  • EU HF Championship data base updated. (SM7IUN, TNX S57AW)
  • SCC RTTY contest and data base updated. (SM7IUN, TNX S57AW, UN7ZAF)
  • log4net exception and error logging added. (Dug Stokes)
  • Spot grabbing and bandmap navigation now works without a radio. (SM7IUN)
  • Fixed rare crash in Check N+1 window. (SM7IUN)
  • CWOps CWT contest and data base updated. (SM7IUN)
  • MMVARI FSK port for radio 2 is now correctly remembered in SO2R. (SM7IUN)
  • Added context menu in Check Call window to chose modes displayed in MIXED contests.
  • Defaults to CW, SSB & RTTY for contests with >4 modes. (SM7IUN)
  • Modes on VFO A and VFO B are now independently controlled on Elecraft KX2, KX3, and K3/K3S. (SM7IUN)
  • SRR Digital Cup data base updated and now has correct format. (SM7IUN, TNX UR7QM)
  • Mode changes through text commands (SSB, CW, etc.) now works correctly on radio 2 in SO2V. (SM7IUN)
  • dxlog.net/sw/files/DXLog.net-2.4.8.msi

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