Update JT-Alert 2.15.8 – 25/01/2020



*** Includes Callsign database file version 2020-01-24 (2020-January-24)

New Features:

Log4OM V2: Full support for Log4OM V2, both SQLite and MySQL logs.

Log4OM V1/V2 SQLite logs: “Test” button to check log file selected is a valid SQLite file for the Log4OM version and contains QSO records.
See Settings window, “Logging -> Log4OM…” sections.

– Logging option: New “Do not check or report logging success/failure”. This option when ticked (off by default) instructs JTAlert to not try and confirm that a QSO was logged by reading the Loggers log directly. Once the logging instruction has been sent, JTAlert goes back to normal operation, there are no delays or hangs as JTAlert is stuck waiting to confirm the QSO was logged. JTAlert will however still report a logging failure when it could not initially establish the TCP or UDP connection to the target logger.


– MySQL support: libmysql.dll file updated to v6.1.10 (previously v5.1.37)


– ADIF logging: Excessive time to confirm QSO logged successfully when using large adif files. 200,000 record check now takes ~1 sec (previous ~45 secs)

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