Update JTDX-2.1.0-RC150- 08/05/2020

JTDX 2.1.0 Change log

JTDX 2.1.0-rc150 8th May

for evaluation and on air testing, this rc (release candidate) has no contest function

– defects fixed in modulator, corrected FT8 and FT4 signal transmission
– decreased modulator start delay versus previous JTDX versions. FT4 mode transmit delay is set to 20ms
– improved transceiver polling functionality, transceiver polling is reworked for FT4 mode
– patch: transceiver poll functionality shall not trigger DT changes of FT8 TX signal
– attempt to improve FT4 signal transmission in scenario when poll interval is set greater than 1 second
– improved FT8 decoder efficiency and sensitivity
– FT8 decoder patches: minor bug fixed in candidate thinning, FT8S decodes shall be marked by ‘^’ symbol    and displayed with ‘*’ symbol
– DX Call FT8 decoder searching shall trigger AF RX frequency change to the signal found
– AutoSeq is reworked
– patch to AutoSeq4+ in JT9+JT65 mode. Introduced tx_mode change event into AutoSeq.
– IARU regions implemented: user now can have common for all regions and own region frequencies in the frequency list
– fixed nearest default frequency search for multiple default frequencies in the frequency list
– patch: restore default frequency on startup if frequency that is not in the list was saved at last exit from JTDX
– patch: at program launching frequency shall be set to nearest default frequency
– frequency list can be saved to file and loaded from file. There is no ‘RESET’ button in Frequency tab anymore, please use right mouse’s button click on the frequency list to get to controls
– 4m band frequency list is updated
– removed JA and EU dependencies from forcing 160m crossband: now such crossband operation with Japan is fully optional
– patch to WSPR decoder crash in scenario where message with empty grid decoded
– unified system date/time implemented
– Hamlib, OmniRig, HRD, DXlab transceiver control code is updated to WSJT-X v2.1.2 and modified
– code reworked to unified MessageBox usage
– patch to DXpedition special message parsing for 11-char callsign
– added DXpedition special message parsing in FT4 decoder
– minor bug fixed in JT65 decoder
– Band Activity window label shall not be part of ‘Hide menus’ functionality
– decoder’s lag shall be displayed in Band Activity window label: lag is calculated relatively to beginning of next interval. Negative values mean spare time can be used for deeper decoding, positive values is decoder’s lag into TX or next interval. Added detailed decoder’s lag description in tooltip to Decoded Text label.
– added counter of last interval decoded messages into Band Activity window label
– ‘wanted country’ line edit shall allow to enter asterisk symbol with prefix
– ‘wanted country’ and ‘country filter’ prefix search shall include asterisk and shall be done with prefix at uppercase
– added verical bars for RX and TX frequencies into waterfall as new option
– common band 22-bit hash table shall be cleaned at band|mode change
– more filters added to catch false FT8 and FT4 decodes
– improved prefix-to-grid mapping(false decode detection functionality)
– defect fixed in filtering false ‘CQ  callsign/R’ messages
– QSO_DATE_OFF and TIME_OFF ADIF parameters shall be passed over network
– Escape keyboard button shall also halt Tx if widegraph window is active
– attempt to fit timestamp into waterfall at NAvg=3 on all operating systems
– added ‘debug to file’ option on build, recording into JTDX_debug.txt file
– added Portuguese Brazilian, Danish and Catalan languages and translation
– removed date/time format string translations in logqso UI
– translation updates
– changes to Hound button background color: yellow in common FT8 bands, green color if out of common FT8 bands
– AutoTx button alert color is changed from yellow to soft red one
– minor changes to keyboard shorcuts description
– using big CTY file now, updated ALLCALL7.TXT, LoTW users list, big CTY is updated to version as of April 18th

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