Our aim is to provide a FREE tool that is both EASY and COMPLETE

we want everyone to be able to use a management tool without to be an expert in computer science.

HAM Spirit is still alive!

BBLogger, the fantastic freeware software to fully manage you Amateur or Short Wave Listener Radio Station written by Giorgio IK2VIW, and with the support of Gigi IK2UVR, is available for the download from this Web Site. BBLogger is an open project that grows thanks to the collaboration of its users and implementing new features version by version.

BBLogger current features (release

  • Full management of a A.R.S. in Hunter mode (complete) or Expeditioner (Light)
  • Full management of a SWL station – Dedicated interface.
  • Multi-log and multi-user managing
  • Integrated Packet Cluster Radio and Telnet Terminal – new features. 30 different languages or accents announcing the incoming spots
  • Integrated Terminal “BBTerm” for digital radiocommunications (RTTY, PSK31/63/125, FSK, MFSK16, GMSK) based on MMVARI by JE3HHT engine
  • Integrated CAT based on Omnirig by VE3NEA, interface supporting CAT softwares for Icom TRX by IZ2BKT
  • Log, labels and QSL cards printings, standard or custom.
  • Management of 147 Awards, printings and graphic management of many of them.
  • Statistics management.
  • Connection with a Callbook: RAC / Worldcall / Radamato / (only for QRZ subscribers) / HamQTH (free!)
  • Link to, HamQTH and Google Maps on-line
  • Link to several Logs-on-line
  • Fully automatic updates for databases and maps
  • Multi-lingual support: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Polish.

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