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LM – Log Post Processor

LM contest post processor

LM is a program to edit contest logs afterwards, a so-called contest post processor.

With help of LM you can convert row data to many different file formats.

Allow a quick input interface, and contest score for several contest.

Can import & export a batch of logs and to create result lists.

.What does it mean: “raw data”? This can be data of

other contest programs

from text files

from paper logs

LM provides conversion routines to read

Cabrillo files

STF files

ADIF files

binary files of established contest programs (e.g. CT, NA, QW)

any ASCII text file

Furthermore, LM contains an integrated log editor to type in paper logs or to edit the log ex post.

Supported by a special input-turbo (“Fast append mode”) the input effort will be reduced to a minimum. In addition, LM tries to take over as much work as possible.

LM “knows” states, provinces, member-numbers etc. for the supported 83 contests and recommends expedient values automatically.

All this makes LM interesting for a wide range of users.

For the contester that wants to convert his small paper log fast and comfortable in a standardized electronic log as well as for the contest manager who is confronted with a lot of binary and text file formats and needs to convert them to a standard format as fast as possible.

Another advantage of LM is that beside the big international contests primarily smaller European contests are supported.

Special Features

Integrated, comfortable log editor

Supported import formats: Cabrillo, STF, ADIF, CT 8/9/10, NA 9/10, QW 4, any tabular text file

Supported export formats: Cabrillo, STF, ADIF, RES, Swisslog, dBase (“LOG-Projekt” structure)

Each export format available at the push of a button with options to edit, print and send via E-Mail

Batch work function to support import & export of a batch of logs and to create result lists

Edit functions to insert, append, delete, move or copy of QSOs

Comfortable search function

Multiplier statistic function

Functions to count up sent numbers and to check integrity of received numbers

Function to check for missing /P extensions (Field day)

Function to automatic member number detection

Setting a time difference over selected QSOs

Extracting a definable subset of QSOs to a new log

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