SWISSLOG for Windows

Swisslog is now completely free!!!

SwisslogMost Important SWISSLOG Functions

* Add, Edit and Delete QSO’s

* View and Print Logbook with powerful filtering functions on every field:

autofilters, customizable filters , field grouping.

* Import and Export of QSO’s. Swisslog fulfills the ADIF v3.0.4 specifications

* Manage many Awards: DXCC, IOTA, WAS, WAE, WAZ, WPX, SOTA, WCA, WFF, JA Prefectures, US Counties, DOK, RDA, TEN-TEN, ARLHS and many more!

*  Full Club Log implementation:

Realtime saving/deletion, Upload full logbook and DXCC Query from Club Log.

*  Special logos panel indicating if the station is member of:

– LoTW, eQSL AG user (also eQSL regular member)

– the following club / association membership:


*  You can update Lotw and eQSL AG users list and many award references through internet

* Transceiver Control (Kenwook, Yaesu, Icom, Elecraft, TRX Manager, MixW, HRD and  OmniRig!)

* Rotor-Control (ARS-USB interface and ARS-VCOM software from EA4TX, Hy-Gain, Yaesu, Sartek).

* Integrated Telnet and Internet Support.

* Fully integrated LOTW automatic and manual synchronisation support. Supports TQSL 2.0 and higher

* Callbook Support: local (RACB, BUCKMASTER) and Internet DBs (QRZ, HamCall and HAMQTH)

* Support of QSL-Manager Databases: local DBs: (RACB and DF6EX) and Internet DBs: QRZ and IK3QAR.

* DX-Cluster Support –  Now indicating if a DX station is LoTW and/or eQSL AG user! 

* DX-Telnet Support – specifically for use with Internet DX Clusters

* Swisslog links with:

MixW, Hamscope, CW-Get, CW-Type, TrueTTY and FLDIGI, MultiPSK and CW Skimmer!

* World map.

* Propagation Prediction

* Print and Display Reports (Awards, Statistics, etc.)

* Extensive User Defined Layouts for Reports, QSL-Cards, QSL-Labels, Statistics

* Display detailed information about the QSO-Partner

* Pivot-Tables

* Save and Restore Logbooks

* Save and Restore customizable program desktop 

* Customizable colors for program desktop and windows

* Merge Databases

* Schedule Control

* Round-Table Support

* Uses ACCESS database to store the QSO’s

* User Definable Logbook Queries like ACCESS

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