sep 14

MU/ON6NB – Guernsey – 18-24September



QRV between 18 and 24 September

Special attention 160 -80 – 40 & 30M, SSB, CW, DIGI.

Equipment : Spiderbeams, Verticals, Inverted-L for 160 M, RX antenna’s.


sep 14

EL2BB, EL2GM & EL2EL – Liberia

Jeremy EI5GM, Dave EI9FBB and Col MM0NDX

have been issued with the Liberian callsigns


It’s their plan to use these calls after the 5L3BI activity

from the LRAA (Liberia Radio Amateur Association) in Monrovia,

probably on November 3rd.

However, if due to bad weather / sea conditions we cannot land on the island,

then we will revert to using these calls

during late October / early November from mainland Liberia.

sep 07

9U4M – Burundi

Great news
 for the lovers of digital modes:
The international MDXC team
working to build the new dxpedition from
Burundi with the callsign
will be on air with  FT8 digital mode.
FT8 (FrankeTaylor design, 8FSK modulation)
will be another good way to catch the weak signals.
As a matter of fact a weak signal
mode that is not as sensitive
to JT65/9 but definitely something that will work when
voice and CW will not

aug 31

5X8C – Uganda -( ON6NL )

Anton, ON6NL

will again be active from Entebbe, Uganda



at the end of October 2017.

QRV on HF bands

including participation in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 28-29).

Will try FT8 mode too.

QSL via HomeCall

aug 18

UPDATE….ZS9V – Robben Island, AF-064

Final update before the team departs for Robben Island tomorrow,

Friday 18 August 2017: 

as previously announced, the team ran into some unexpected complications with the expedition. 

As a result the operation has been scaled down to two SSB-only stations

The operators will be Jan ZS1VDV, Paul ZS1V, Andre ZS1AN and Grant ZS1REX

The team leaves for Robben Island late Friday afternoon and expects to have both stations operational during the course of the evening – hopefully by 1800Z. 

One station will primarily operate on the 20/15/10 meter bands

and the other primarily on 80/40 meters.

Operations will continue until Sunday morning around 1000Z, weather permitting.

Intended frequencies of operation are:

80m 3780kHz 40m 7180kHz 20m 14260kHz  15m 21260kHz 10m 28460kHz +- QRM.

aug 17

Log4OM 1.30.0 Released 14/08/2017

Due to the high amount of requests to manage “DATA” mode in LOTW download, following recent FT8 digital mode release,

we exceptionally released a new version of Log4OM with the following features:

Release notes Version 1.30.0


– LOTW user list now retrieved directly from LOTW website. Small enhancements in retrieval functionality.

– Log4OM now reads LOTW “DATA” mode as generic digital mode and matches all QSO in digital modes made with the indicated station on +-30′ range, same band

aug 02

Log4OM 1.29.0 released -02/08/2017

Release notes Version 1.29.0


– LOTW download doesn’t change the gridsquare if something it’s already saved on the QSO

– Implemented great circle representation when drawing QSO on map

– Winkeyer Lead-In and Tail value increment changed from 10 to 1 per click.

– Hamlib libraries updated to main revision 3.x

– Changed residual dates from LOCAL to UTC on all software features.

– Fixed DXCC export statistics

– LOTW QSO download now updates country if different from log.

– DC reference removed from WAS list

– Fixed code in the awards management to be more compliant with awards.xml file

– Added support to 4m awards in ARRL / CQ awards

– Fixed counter in GRIDSQUARE statistics

– New bands supported in IOTA award (6m and upper)

– 2 new advanced options in SETTINGS – CAT (mainly Elecraft users)

– Send FREQUENCY command before MODE command when changing both parameters

– Add delay (fixed 500 ms) between FREQ and MODE subsequent messages (or MODE FREQ according to previous parameter)

– Added transverter support under program settings – CAT menu (add/remove amount in KHz) working at low level near CAT subsystem.

– Added JT9, FT8 mode support

– Small performance improvements in datagrid QSO visualization

jul 28

New version of MixW available 3.2.105

What’s new in the MixW3.2.105 27 Jul 2017 version.

MixW 3.2.105 (with 25-07-17)

- Improved format for Extras Download window
- New Macro (TOGGLE:Toolbar) enhamces SHOW/HIDE functionality
- Additional pane to QSO meter window
- Added Intelligent whitespace functionality to the Edit menu
- ADIF file creation to V3.0.5 of the specification
- Support for Yaesu FT-891
- Fixed errors that were present in older versions (Thanks to 2E0BPP, ON2AD, NK7Z)
And there is now a MixWHelp_V32105.pdf help file in PDF format.
Make a Shortcut from this MixWHelp_V32105.pdf on your desktop and you have a nice a quick acces to the MixW help files.
73 de Pat ON2AD 

jul 28

ZS9V – Robben Island IOTA AF-064

Date: 9 to 13 August 2017

The team:

Paul (ZS1V), Jan (ZS1VDV), Andre (ZS1AN), Johan (ZS1A), Pierre (ZS6A) and

Oleg (ZS1ANF).

Will be operating as


from Robben Island (IOTA group AF-064)

from 9 August 2017 until sometime on Sunday 13 August. 

This is the weekend BEFORE ILLW. 

In addition to the stations we had last year (SSB on 10/15/20 and SSB on 40/80) we will also have a CW station operating on the high bands.  CW operation bands and possible digital modes and bands will be announced closer to the time.  Further information on the operation will be published on

as it becomes available.

jul 25

RSGB IOTA Contest – 29th – 30th July 2017

The RSGB IOTA contest is one of the most important and exciting contests of the year. Since in this contest, the emphasis is on stations operating from islands, there are many operators that make short trips to one of the many available islands in any continent, including Europe.

To encourage the partecipation, the RSGB has released a very simple guide aimed at newcomers, where it is explained, step by step, how to enter a contest, to manage QSO’s and even to build your own dipole (normal or inverted V)!

This guide is found at

Here are the details:

the contest period is from 1200 UTC Saturday to 1200 UTC Sunday.

Bands/modes: 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28MHz, CW and SSB.


Single Op 12 hrs (Island/World | CW/SSB/Mixed | QRP/Low/High)

Single Op 24 hrs (Island/World | CW/SSB/Mixed | QRP/Low/High)

Single Op Assisted 12 hrs (Island/World | CW/SSB/Mixed | QRP/Low/High)

Single Op Assisted 24 hrs (Island/World | CW/SSB/Mixed | QRP/Low/High)

Multi-Op Island (QRP/Low/High)

New category introduced in 2016: Multi-Two Island (QRP/Low/High)


All entrants can contact anyone, Island Stations or World Stations.

  Island Stations contacting
World Stations: 5 points.
Island Stations having the same IOTA reference (for example EU-005 contacts EU-005): 5 points.
Other Island Stations: 15 points.

World Stations contacting
World Stations: 2 points.
Island Stations: 15 points.

The multiplier is the total of different IOTA references contacted on each band on CW, plus the total of different IOTA references contacted on each band on SSB.

Entries must be emailed to no later than August 7.

Rules are found @

You may also want to check a large list of stations

which announced their partecipation @

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