9Q0HQ R.D.CONGO – 10-25 March 2015



The Italian DXpedition Team is glad to announce the forthcoming DXpedition to Congo.

It will take place in the period 10-25 March 2015, with the callsign 9Q0HQ.

On the official Dxpedition  site


a dedicated 9Q0HQ Survey form has been added. 

The results will be used in the planning of activity on the various bands.

Only for qso’s in the period 10-25March

The manager for 9Q0HQ is


The Radioamateur Association of the Democratic Republic of Congo (ARAC)

has invited the Italian DXpedition Team for a short stay in Kinshasa during March 2015.

Purpose of the activity will be theoretical and practical training

and refresher courses for the Amateurs of the DR of Congo.


HK0/VE2FDJ – Providencia Isl, Colombia

Rugged Lush Green Coastline

Jean, VE2FDJ will be active from

Providencia island NA-049



between February 24 to March 1, 2015.

QRV on HF bands, holiday-style.

QSL via HomeCall

VQ9XR – Chagos Island


Bob, N7XR is returning to Chagos and QRV as


between March 19-27, 2015.

Activity on 80-10m, SSB/CW/RTTY + 60m CW

due to newly modified license now allowing operations on this band. 160m possible.

QSL via Clublog or Direct. No bureau, LoTW or eQSL.

Voice Keyer Program – WD6CNF


Voice Keyer Program Features

Audio voice keyer

Microphone input, speaker output

Live microphone enable

Record/play audio from twelve memories

Display text of recorded audio

Transmitter keyed via serial (com) port

Loop (with variable delay) audio output



CW Decoder Program – WD6CNF



CW Decoder Program Features

Decode Morse code from a radio

 5 to 50 wpm

Variable text display sizes, upper/lower case

Scrollable text window, save to a file

Variable text display sizes, upper/lower case

Variable character spacing

Variable speed selection, helps in reducing noise

Spectrum display, waterfall display, timeline display

Variable noise thresholds, noise blanking threshold

Automatic frequency control (AFC)

Transmit Morse code, keyboard input

 5 to 50 wpm

Synchronize to receive speed10 memories, store/recall

Download from a text file

Various transmit modes

Interactive (immediate)

Block transfer (send typed screen)

Functions keys perform transmit functions

 Keep hands on the keyboard, mouse free transmit/receive operation

(the programs run on WindowsXP, Windows Vista, and Windows7). 





(Mathias DO4MAT)


Tijdens mijn antennewerkzaamheden en het uitzoeken van de juiste lengte voor mijn inverted ” l ” antenne

heb ik mening tijd verspeeld met het uitpluizen en berekenen van de “ideale” lengte van de draad.

Dit programma lost alle problemen in een fractie op.

De vragen van waar is de antenne hoog of laag Ohmig,of welke lengte moet ik hebben om banden x,y, en z te laten samenvallen

geen probleem een klik geeft je visueel de nodige informatie.



LCWO.net – Learn Morse

lcwo-bannerLink klik banner

Welkom op het LCWO.net – Leer Morsecode (CW) Online!

Bij LCWO kan je Morse telegrafie (CW) leren, online in je browser.

Je hoeft geen enkel programma op je computer te installeren en je hebt altijd je persoonlijke instellingen beschikbaar, op elke computer ter wereld met een internetaansluiting.

Je kan ook gemakkelijk je vooruitgang opvolgen door middel van de verschillende statistiekfuncties.

Aanmelden voor een gratis account (of gebruik “test” als gebruikersnaam en “test” als paswoord) en start vandaag met het leren of verbeteren van je CW.

– CW cursus Koch methode
Hoge scores — Vergelijk je resultaat met andere.
– Snelheidsoefening (Codegroepen, Tekst training, Roepnaam (callsign) training, Woord Training)
MP3 oefenbestanden (Download)
Tekst converteren naar CW (Aanmelden is niet vereist)
Forum voor discussies en feedback van gebruikers
WAE QTC training


Hier een “FREEWARE” logboek,het programma was een tijdje uit het oog verloren maar met mijn hd op te ruimen terug in de “picture” gekomen.Het is een programma de moeite om het uit te proberen…..en het is freeware dus wat kan je verliezen.


BBLogger, the fantastic freeware software to fully manage you Amateur or Short Wave Listener Radio Station written by Giorgio IK2VIW, and with the support of Gigi IK2UVR. BBLogger is an open project that grows thanks to the collaboration of its users and implementing new features version by version.

BBLogger current features (release

screenshots http://www.bblogger.eu/?page_id=106

downloads  http://www.bblogger.eu/?page_id=11

  • Full management of a A.R.S. in Hunter mode (complete) or Expeditioner (Light)
  • Full management of a SWL station – Dedicated interface.
  • Multi-log and multi-user managing
  • Integrated Packet Cluster Radio and Telnet Terminal – new features. 30 different languages or accents announcing the incoming spots
  • Integrated Terminal “BBTerm” for digital radiocommunications (RTTY, PSK31/63/125, FSK, MFSK16, GMSK) based on MMVARI by JE3HHT engine
  • Integrated CAT based on Omnirig by VE3NEA, interface supporting CAT softwares for Icom TRX by IZ2BKT
  • Log, labels and QSL cards printings, standard or custom.
  • Management of 147 Awards, printings and graphic management of many of them.
  • Statistics management.
  • Connection with a Callbook: RAC / Worldcall / Radamato / QRZ.com (only for QRZ subscribers) / HamQTH (free!)
  • Link to QRZ.com, HamQTH and Google Maps on-line
  • Link to several Logs-on-line
  • Fully automatic updates for databases and maps
  • Multi-lingual support: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Polish.

Our aim is to provide a FREE tool that is both EASY and COMPLETE to manage your Amateur or SWL Radio Station.

We know very well that there are some more advanced programs, but our philosophy is quite different: we want everyone to be able to use a management tool without to be an expert in computer science.

HAM Spirit is still alive!

T6EUPOL Afghanistan



is the official ham radio station of the European Union Police (EUPOL) Mission in Kabul, Afghanistan

operated by Janusz, AK4JK.

QSL only direct to AK4JK.

DP1POL – Neumayer Station III, Antarctica

From December 20, 2013 to February 8, 2014,

I will once again be on the air from Neumayer-Station III, Antarctica

(Grid Loc. IB59UH, DLFF-022, WAP DEU-08),

using my old call sign


DP1POLMy main mode of operation is CW, but I’ll also try digimodes and SSB occasionally.

QSL cards will be available via DL1ZBO (direct or via DARC bureau).

I also upload my logs to LotW regularly.

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