7/9 -8/9-2019 

De club neemt deel aan deze velddag

Call: ON6UJ/P


       Collegelaan 46a  2880 Bornem

Helpende handen,punten en bezoekers van harte welkom


 VRIJDAG 13/09/2019 – 19:00U

Iedereen van harte welkom
Kruibekestraat 1
9150 Bazel

BUAB Cycling Tour 2019

ON5RZ – Raf

Cycling through Balkan,Ukraine and Baltic Regions 


the Yaesu FT817 with an end-fed for 40/20/17/15/10/6 and telescopic whip for 2/70 cm all powered by 2 strong LiPo’s to get in contact with who know’s who ?   but..  As we all know, the HF-God made conditions so that they could be broken, especially now in this -maybe- Maunder minimum so fingers crossed.

It would and will be cycling along the easternmost border of the EU, now and then.
Taking of by train the day after local elections on May 26.

Getting the legs warmed up in Venice ITA and rolling trough the Balkan Peninsula along the Danube-river to Odessa at the banks of the Black Sea in UKR.

Following the Dnieper from the mouth of the river up north to Kyiv.
Go west to Lviv and north to Baltics or ?..

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