DXKeeper is free, comprehensive amateur logging software that

  • records and manages QSOs

  • extracts name, address, and location information from 

    • callbook CDROMs:  Flying Horse, HamCall, QRZ

    • QRZ.com (with a subscription, or without a subscription using Pathfinder)

  • tracks confirmation and verification of QSOs for the DXCC, TopList, and WAZ awards, highlighting needed DX spots, automatically generating outgoing QSLs that request confirmation of needed QSLs, identifying confirmed QSOs for submission to the ARRL DXCC desk, and generating DXCC submission paperwork

  • tracks CQ Marathon progress for the current year, highlighting spots of DX stations needed for this annual award

  • reports progress towards DXCC, TopList, Challenge, VUCC, Marathon, WAS, WAC, IOTA, WAZ, WPX, USA-CA, Maidenhead Fields, Maidenhead Squares, Canadaward, Holyland, DOK, WAE, WAB, DDFM, SRR, RDA, WAHUC, WAIP, WAJA, JCC, JCG, and AJA awards

  • independently tracks hardcopy QSL, eQSL.cc, and Logbook of the World (LotW) confirmations for each QSO

  • can download DXCC credits and update logged QSOs to reflect the granting of a DXCC credit (screenshot)

  • prints QSL cards and QSL Labels, addresses envelopes, and prints address labels

  • uploads QSOs to eQSL.cc and LotW

  • downloads QSLs from eQSL.cc and LotW, and automatically updates your log to reflect confirmations

  • identifies QSLs required for DXCC submission, and generates required documentation

  • tracks DXCC verifications

  • imports and exports ADIF-compliant log files.   

  • interoperates with Commander, DXView, SpotCollector, and WinWarbler

  • logs QSOs in realtime from MultiPSK, MMVARI, MMSSTV, MMTTY, and MixW

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