Update JT-Alert 2.14.2

Update JT-Alert 2.14.2

JTAlert 2.14.0 no longer supports MixW logging or interoperation with JT65-HF or HB9HQX JT65-HF
Users of MixW, JT65-HF or HB9HQX who wish to continue using JTAlert will need to use JTAlert 2.13.10


Wanted Callsign csv file import not accepting entries with a wildcard character (“%”).

Missing Settings option to enable/disable single-click of Callsign (main JTAlert Window) copy of Callsign text to clipboard.
(Default: OFF, Window: Settings, Section: Window).

Missing “FT4” from the “Any WSJT-X Mode” Mode Tracking dropdown list of all Wanted Alert types. This was a cosmetic defect only.

Spelling errors in Language file.


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