Log4OM 2 Released – 21/04/2020

Log4OM 2

⦁ [NEW] Added capability to show up to 2 customizable awards for each QSO in grid (default to IOTA and SOTA awards). You can change them in USER PREFERENCES to match your preferred awards.
⦁ [NEW] Added map support to Winkeyer screen.
⦁ [NEW] Added SIG and SIG INFO fields of the counterpart in the main screen (Extended Info).
⦁ [NEW] Net control support
⦁ QSL manager no more performs automatic timed searches on param changes. Added new search button to be used when params are filled. “Search required” button functions revisited.
⦁ Added QSO Date search in QSL management (actual dates refers to SENT DATE and RECEIVED DATE of the confirmation)
⦁ Additional cluster date checks added.
⦁ Removed redundant STAY ON TOP option in winkeyer screen.
⦁ Winkeyer transmission log is not cleared after each QSO. User must manually clear it when needed.
⦁ Added some checks on MY_STATE field and STATE field
⦁ Automatic awards list update after new award download
⦁ Refined CQ and ITU zone checks during ADIF import. No changes applied on imported/user entered data, CQ and ITU checks are performed only during lookup and data enrichment phases
⦁ Added MY_ANTENNA adif field
⦁ Removed ANTENNA proprietary field (import-only)
⦁ STATE field is now bounded to a value list for countries that support the value (ADIF 3.1.0). Invalid values will be discarded
⦁ MY STATE in program config is now bounded to a value list for countries that support the value
⦁ STATE and MY_STATE fields on import are checked against a valid value list.
⦁ Satellite mode now automatically set propagation mode to “Satellite”.
⦁ Added support for “MHz” representation for band used in SOTA on Award Import data used for SOTA confirmations.
⦁ Label print optimizations on address retrieval from external sources.
⦁ HRDLog online presence code optimized to reduce potential issues.
⦁ Curacao flag added.
⦁ [FIX] Lazylog issue when callsign starts with digits.
⦁ [FIX] search issue on reference field
⦁ [FIX] Prevented main UI from getting focus when external events occours and the screen is minimized.

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