Update JT-Alert 2.14.5

Update JT-Alert 2.14.5

New Features:
– Option to turn off State Code display after Callsign.
(Default: OFF, Window: Settings, Section: Alerts, Wanted States).

– The JTAlert “Alternate Layout” build has been renamed “Alt Layout”.
– “Alt Layout” builds of JTAlert are no longer provided via a seperate installer.
The one installer now includes both builds of JTAlert, “Traditional” with
menus in the title bar and “Alt Layout” with the menu below the titlebar.
Switching to a different layout build is simply handled by executing the
correct shortcut.
– “Alt Layout” builds of JTAlert now use unique colored icons for the shortcuts
and the JTAlert window titlebar.
Red => JTAlert for WSJT-X.
Blue => JTAlert for JTDX.
Green => JTAlert (Alt Layout) for WSJT-X.
Purple => JTAlert (Alt Layout) for JTDX.
– Support for JTDX non-standard FT4 UDP decode mode identification
character. (WSJT-X = “+”, JTDX = “:”)

– ADIF import window progress bar not displaying to the full width when the
import has completed and reaches 100%.
– Log4OM MySQL logs not being scanned correctly resulting in all entities
(dxcc, state, etc) being flagged as needed. (2.14.4 defect)
– Application auto-start entry “Close” checkbox incorrectly enabled when
the “Start” checkbox is unchecked.
– Desktop shortcuts for additional callsigns (under the Station section of
the Settings window) created for no-longer-supported JT65-HF & HB9HQX
– TX Mode not displayed in JTAlert titlebar status (between the square
brackets) when JTAlert is working with JTDX.

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