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Updat Log4Om – Version – 02/08/2021

Release note – Version [NEW] Added TCI CAT support for rig control for Expert SDR devices [NEW] Added TCI SPOT integration for Expert SDR devices [NEW] Added TCI support on CW keyer management for Expert SDR devices (the keyer engine can be selected in the Program Settings – Hardware – CW Keyer interface) …

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Update JT-Alert 2.50.3 – 14/07/2021

Update JT-Alert 2.50.3 New: – Wanted Grid Alert: New option to restrict audio alerts to FFMA grids only when operating on 6m. The default is for this setting to be off so all 6m alerted grids will generate the audio alert. See the “Alerts, Wanted Grid” section of the main JTAlert window Settings. – …

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Update LOG4OM V2.15.0 – 02/07/2021

Release note – Version 2.15.0 [NEW] Added option to print “RETURN TO” label for DIRECT/MANAGER DIRECT labels [NEW] Added option to print “MY ADDRESS” label for SASE-type QSL sent via DIRECT/MANAGER DIRECT [NEW] Added winkeyer, all currently open cluster screen, worked before, net control and chat screens to the auto open list on restart [NEW] Allowed multiple independent …

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Updat JT-Alert 2.50.2 -23/06/2021

New: – Callsigns Window: New multi-panel display consisting of a main (non-removable) display panel and up to 6 optional sub-panels. Each display panel can be set to display a different decode view. Some decode views offer additional options like sorting by km for the distance view and sorting by dB value for the SNR decodes …

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Update GridTracker v1.21.0620 -20/06/2021

GridTracker v1.21.0620  An Amateur Radio Companion This is our June general release one critical fix and a minor enhancement. Critical fix of an issue that when launching several logging utilities such as GridTracker and other logging programs that may all try to sync their LoTW logs at the same time and cause a trigger …

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Gridtracker Update to V1.21.0613(Hotfix!) – 13/06/2021

Hotfix v1.21.0613   A hotfix release v1.21.0613 was released tonight to address an issue where when launching GridTracker and other logging programs that all try to sync their LoTW logs at the same time, the LoTW download abuse mechanism is triggered causing errors. This is a temporary fix where we’ve disabled automatic downloading of …

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Updat Log4OM -Version Hotfix -10/06/2021

Release note – Version Hotfix [FIX] Fixed backup menu not working on main user interface [FIX] Optimized recognization of callsign in winkeyer data entry box

Update Log4Om – Version – 08/06/2021

Release note – Version [NEW] Contest interface has been removed. All functions are now managed by main interface [NEW] Winkeyer user interface has been rewritten for a more coherent layout [NEW] When connected to CWSkimmer telnet server (Enable “CWSkimmer commands” in the CWSkimmer ‘Settings’ window) Log4OM is able to detect and lookup callsign/frequency …

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GridTracker Update To v1.21.0530 – 01/06/2021

GridTracker v1.21.0530 – An Amateur Radio Companion General Information This is our May 2021 general release including several bug fixes and a few new features and updates. Program Update [Bug Fixes] • Fix PSK Reporter poll time to 5min, add TX idle timeout and time skew to reduce the load GridTracker makes on the …

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Update MIXW4 To V1.4.0 – 31/05/2021

The main differences from MixW4 1.3.0 version: Many fixes in all modules specified by users Supports two waterfalls VFO-A, VFO-B Antenna rotator support Native and classic (WSJT-X) user interfaces for FT8 mode Automatic transmission frequency shift depending on the current audio frequency Support for x64 OS Export to Excel, Recovery country in the log, Change …

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