Updat JT-Alert 2.50.2 -23/06/2021


– Callsigns Window: New multi-panel display consisting of a main (non-removable) display panel and up to 6 optional sub-panels. Each display panel can be set to display a different decode view. Some decode views offer additional options like sorting by km for the distance view and sorting by dB value for the SNR decodes view. There are 25 different decode views available… “All Decodes”, “Callers”, “Decodes DX”, “Decodes Local”, “CQ”, “CQ Directed”, “SNR weak decodes”, “SNR strong decodes”, “Distant decodes”, “QSL Lotw decodes”, “QSL Eqsl decodes”, “RR73/73 decodes”, “Alerts None”, “Alerts Only”, “Alert DXCC”, “Alert US State”, “Alert VE Province”, “Alert Continent”, “Alert CQ Zone”, “Alert ITU Zone”, “Alert Grid”, “Alert FFMA Grid”, “Alert Prefix”, “Alert Marathon”, “Alert Wanted Call”. Please refer to the 2.50 features help file, Callsigns Window topic.

– Decodes Window: Callsigns generating DXCC, US State or VE Province alerts now highlight the Country, State and Province name entries.

– Off-screen windows: Menu entry under the “View” menu to bring ALL 2.50.x introduced windows (Callsigns, Messaging, Activity and BandHeat) into view on the primary Windows display.

– WSJT-X UDP: Dedicated “Help” menu entry to the WSJT-X UDP Setup topic. The help topic provides simplified 4 step multicast instructions.


– Qsl flags: The flags used to indicate Lotw and Eqsl membership have been replaced with user-selectable symbols. See the “Callsigns” section of the Callsigns window options popup. All Qsl symbols and the Online symbol are grouped together and are automatically positioned depending on the Badge position and if the Country area is visible. Note: The Decodes window still uses the old style flags.

– Online symbol: The symbol used to display if a Callsign has JTAlert messaging enabled is now user-selectable. Previously it was hard-coded to be a star symbol.


– Alert audio: Broken or no Alert audio and Callsigns window repeatedly opening/closing. Caused by a defect in the NET 5.0.7 Desktop Runtime causing a fatal error in the audio library used by JTAlert.

– HRD Logging: Random QSOs logged with a Submode when not an MFSK Mode. (2.50.0 defect)

– QSO History: Random showing FT4 results when in FT8 mode. (2.50.0 defect)

– Marathon Alert: Triggered countries and zones not being shown in the callsign info tooltip of the Callsigns window. (2.50.0 defect)

– Messaging: Only available on the first instance (#1) of JTAlert and its child windows. (2.50.0 design limitation).

– Windows user accounts: JTAlert would not run correctly when used from multiple user accounts. It would typically work correctly for the user account under which JTAlert was first started.

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