Update GridTracker v1.21.0620 -20/06/2021

GridTracker v1.21.0620  An Amateur Radio Companion


This is our June general release one critical fix and a minor enhancement.
Critical fix of an issue that when launching several logging utilities such as GridTracker
and other logging programs that may all try to sync their LoTW logs at the same time
and cause a trigger of LoTW’s log download abuse mechanism. Instead of pulling down
the a complete log every time we update LoTW logs we now only pull down the full log
one time and then only updated QSOs and new QSLs since the last time we checked. A
cool-down timer was also added so that a check of LoTW can not occur more often then 5
minutes since the last check.

Program Update
[Bug Fixes]
• Fix pulling down of LoTW logs at start-up with a differential log syncing mechanism
that only get’s changes since last sync, also cool down timer to prevent rapid
reloading of LoTW log.
• Automatic pulling down of acknowledgments.json file daily when doing version
check (if enabled).

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