Update MIXW4 To V1.4.0 – 31/05/2021

The main differences from MixW4 1.3.0 version:


  • Many fixes in all modules specified by users
  • Supports two waterfalls VFO-A, VFO-B
  • Antenna rotator support
  • Native and classic (WSJT-X) user interfaces for FT8 mode
  • Automatic transmission frequency shift depending on the current audio frequency
  • Support for x64 OS
  • Export to Excel, Recovery country in the log, Change MixW4 mode from the cluster, Change cat mode when change mode, etc.
  • Improvement of decoding in all mods
  • Support for the latest transceiver models
What’s new in this version?
  • Fix crash when editing QSO
  • Fix bookmarks (colors, placement, markers are not shifted when changing LSB / USB)
  • Fix Waterfall (when changing the CAT frequency, you need to reset history. Otherwise, it is possible to decode what was here a few seconds ago)
  • Extend Smart Macros (Ctrl + Space = IntQRZ2 = <TU <CALL>>)
  • Fix CAT
  • Export to Excel
  • Fix loading mod and connecting sound devices to them
  • Fix Check Call Partial
  • Fix size, resize windows
  • Fix Claster
  • Fix FT8 / 4
  • Fix Claster
  • Fix GRAB CALL macro
  • Support for VFO-A, VFO-B
  • Implement rotor support
  • Implement traditional (WSJT-X) user interface in FT8 mode
  • Implement the function of automatic transmission frequency shift depending on the current audio frequency
  • Rebuild the assembly on x64 (assessment of build capabilities, preliminary)
  • -Fix in digi modes
  • Fix in voice mods
  • Fix CW decoder
  • Fix short log
  • Fix macroses
  • Fix WinKey
  • Add recovery (fix) country in log
  • Change MixW mode from cluster
  • Change cat mode when change mode MixW
  • New Info bar Legend layout
  • Hairlines on mods
  • Fix some crashes
  • Fix Band plan
  • Fix AutoCQ

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