2017 World Winter Universiade in Almaty Activity Days


Association of Amateur Radio Services of Kazakhstan (AARSK)

will conduct the activity days dedicated to the 2017 World Winter Universiade in Almaty. The activity will take place in January-February 2017.

All amateur radio operators are welcomed to take part.

Dates and time: 00:00 UTC 29 January  2017 – 24.00 UTC 8 February  2017


The main goal is to promote the Universiade in Almaty among licensed amateur radio operators from all over the world. Special stations will be on the air allowing to obtain special QSLs and diplomas.

Activity days will be conducted by the Organizing Committee of AARSK

The Organizing Committee will coordinate special stations, dispatch QSLs and diplomas.

Lists of special stations will be published on www.qrz.kz and almaty2017.hamlog.ru before January 20, 2017

Special stations will operate in the period of January 29-8 February 2017

Special control operators will be assigned to oversee the operation of the activity days participants

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