Swisslog Version 5.95 – 17.01.2017 – out now

This version includes the following corrections/enhancements:

  • NEW: Added support to FLRIG for transceiver control.

  • NEW: When using OmniRig as transceiver control, you can now switch from Rig1 and Rig2 in the transceiver toolbar. Right click on the toolbar and select Rig1 or Rig2 in the popup menu. This is a very useful and quick method to switch from one rig to another if you have 2 transceivers.

  • NEW: Added QRZCQ support as Callbook database (Premium member required)

  • NEW: Added QRZCQ button in main form to access the QRZCQ station profile

  • NEW: Now Swisslog retrieves the following fields from Callbook databases (when available): IOTA, e-mail, URL, QSL info. Added in Add QSO / Callbook tab and in View / CD-Callbook. The IOTA field will be available in “Options | CD-Callbook / Internet Databases / Field Copy Instructions” tab and also in the “Update QSOs with Data from country table and Callbook” function in the logbook view. The IOTA field can be only retrieved when using QRZ, QRZCQ or HAMCALL (subscription needed) as internet databases. HAMQTH doesn’t (still) support IOTA.

  • NEW: Added 60m band

  • NEW: Added EA QRP Club, Lynx DX Group and 30 meters Digital Group for membership panel.

  • NEW: Added 30MDG statistic in C_SP14 field.

  • NEW: When deleting, importing QSO or adding QSO not in realtime time, the QSO sequence number needs to be resynchronized. Swisslog will now warn you when the Sequence QSO number is out of synch and prompt you if you want to resequence QSOs. User can’t reply NO if don’t want to be warned again during the current session. But you will be warned again at next Swisslog session until it’s fixed. It won’t take a lot of time even in larger databases.

  • NEW: Added BCA, DCI and DFCF awards to the Update award information from internet function.

  • Corrected: when creating a new database there were some missing fields in the QSO table. Now Swisslog searches at startup that the QSO table contains all the needed fields otherwise recreates the QSO table.

  • Corrected: several reported problems when using FLDIGI and JT65-HF HB9HQX Edition.

  • Corrected: QRZ access stop working some days. The XML link used in Swisslog is an old link and seems to be unstable now. I have updated the XML URL to the current one.

  • Corrected: using HAMCALL DVD didn’t find any call. Updated the HAMCAL32.DLL and corrected some other bugs

  • Corrected: HAMCALL online lookup didn’t worked.

  • Corrected: when using OmniRig as transceiver control, in some transceivers CW and RTTY modes were set/read as CW-R and RTTY-R. OmniRig uses CW-USB, CW-LSB, DIG-USB and DIG-LSB modes according the sideband used. Swisslog always set CW-USB/DIG-USB as normal CW/RTTY modes. This is true in most transceivers but in most modern transceivers LSB is used for CW and RTTY. Now there are 2 new options for OmniRig: CW is LSB and RTTY is LSB. This way user can select the right “normal” mode for CW and RTTY according the sideband really used in the transceiver. Swisslog will keep these settings for Rig1 and Rig2 separately.

  • Corrected: when using OmniRig as transceiver control, the QRG could not be set from Swisslog in certain transceivers (i.e.: Kenwood).

  • Corrected: now Swisslog will use Hexadecimal address for Icom transceivers (i.e: 6E).

  • Corrected: QSL action was set to DIRECT when DXCC field was empty (all /MM stations). Also it was impossible to edit this field manually, because Swisslog always checked if having bureau. Now QSL Action will be set to “Direct” in DXCC having no bureau ONLY when adding QSO. User will be able to edit the QSL Action manually and change it if desired.

  • Corrected: when saving QSO from WSJT-X/JTDX/JT65-HF HB9HQX/SIM PSK the default RST (59 or 599) was not cleared in the QSO entry causing that some reports had been saved wrongly (mixing dB report with RST report)

  • Corrected: when working JT65, JT9, SIM31 or SIM63 modes the default value for RST fields will be 0. This is to avoid saving 59 or 599 as report when dB report format is used in these modes.

  • Corrected: WAZ, WAC and WAE statistics to count eQSL confirmations and WPX, WAE to count LoTW confirmations.

  • Corrected: List of supported transceivers/programs sorted in ascending order.

  • Changed: deleted the “Sort QSOs in Date/time order” in the Tools menu. This function has been embedded in the Resequence QSOs function because it was only needed to perform when resequencing QSO. Now Resequence QSOs will perform both functions with a single user action. Swisslog will prompt you now when resequencing is needed, so user won’t have to think about this anymore.

  • Changed: menu item “Open country table” moved from File menu to Tools | For experts only


  • Updated country table. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Erik, EI4KF.

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