Updat MixW4 – V1.0.8 – 11/04/2019

MixW4 – Version 1.0.8

What’s new in this version?
  • BUG fixed: Not decoding in HELL mode
  • BUG fixed: Import export ADIF
  • BUG fixed: Crash in CW mode
  • BUG fixed: RxView – scroll
  • BUG fixed: Macros import/loading from settings
  • BUG fixed: Transmit Macros
  • BUG fixed: Macros loading from contest settings
  • BUG fixed: Clear QSO in contest mode
  • BUG fixed: Select soundcards
  • BUG fixed: Filtering short log by Callsign
  • Added the ability to change the country in QSO
  • Added CAT FlexRadio
  • ADIF v. 3.0.9
  • Add export to Club Log
  • BUG fixed and adding new features to the Log
  • Download:  https://rigexpert.com/products/software/mixw-4/downloads

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