Update SwissLog 4 Windows – Version 5.99d 03/09/2019

This version includes the following corrections/enhancements:

  • Corrected: LoTW synch: importing QSLs from LoTW resulted in a dialog to map the MFSK/PSK mode into a Swisslog mode. This happened if you worked FT4 or any other MFSK/PSK submode during the past month. This is because LoTW recently adapted the Mode/Submode to fulfill ADIF v3 requirements. The LoTW synch function of Swisslog was still using ADIF v2 and that caused this issue. Mapping MFSK to FT4 solved this issue temporally but it’s a big problem if you work other MFSK submodes because Swisslog will always map all QSOs to FT4 when it could be other submodes such as JS8, MFSK16, etc. IMPORTANT: User MUST delete manually any mapping to MFSK/PSK mode or any of the ADIF submodes in the LoTW synch configuration! (Tools / LotW synchronization / Configuration / Modes).
  • Corrected: LoTW synch: the QSO since field was ignored in countries using dots as time separator (like Finland). This caused that downloading all QSLs slow down significatively the LoTW synchronization.
  • Corrected: WSJT-X / JTDX Band maps: the statistic status color was wrong in calls starting with CQ DX, CQ JA, etc
  • Corrected: Membership panel: double clicking in the Marine Funker logo redirected to the old MF web
  • Corrected: Add QSO window: corrected some issues when resizing window height.   

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