Update LOG4OM V2 – 2.4.0 -03/03/2020


1. Version 1 SQLite database is not compatible with Version 2
2. An ADIF file in ADIF 3.0 format must be exported from Version 1 of Log4OM
3. A new database must be created in Version 2 and the ADIF file then imported 
4. Version 2 configuration is different to version 1 so needs setting up newIf all else fails read the user guides and watch the YouTube tutorials


  • [NEW] Added Clublog/CTY file exception correction on all cluster items
  • [NEW] LazyLog massive data entry interface added
  • [NEW] ADIF export can now produce files with a reduced, user selectable, range of fields (File -> Export ADIF)
  • [NEW] Added CSV export with user selectable/sortable fields (File -> Export CSV)
  • [NEW] Option to invert FREQUENCY/MODE order in message sent to radio (Settings – CAT)
  • [NEW] Added native support for network connected rigs through Hamlib (FLEX and similar)
  • [NEW] Added SOTA Chaser/S2S/SWL TSV/CSV file format export capabilities (Award Statistics screen -> Export)
  • [NEW] Added “stay on top” option on contest and winkeyer screens
  • Added management of award reference alias. Will affect correct identification of USA-CA award references and others.
  • ADIF and CSV export is now available also in QSO Management with full output filters
  • Improved EQSL and LOTW import performances
  • Improved WSJT/JTAlert ADIF inbound message performances
  • Improved reactivity of QSO add function. QSO save is made asynchronously respect main UI
  • Added management of the (now deprecated) QSL_SEND status “Validated”. This will mark all LOTW and WAS references as VALIDATED.
  • New option in Alerts: Ignore statistics. Trigger the alert under any condition of worked/confirmed for the country
  • Import of QSL_RCVD status Verified (actually deprecated in ADIF standard) now set the QSO as VERIFIED for DXCC and WAS
  • Added option to start Hamlib application hidden (not shown on taskbar)
  • Previous QSO and Worked Before no more on top by default
  • small fixes in LOTW download interface
  • QSO filters improved: Added capability to explicitly exclude QSO that have a specific award in the myReference/contactReference. Useful to extract chaser without ref2ref contacts.
  • Clearing Callsign field in main UI resets map to station home QTH
  • Updated SOTA routines to support new summits csv file from SOTA website
  • [FIX] Massive QSO update performance issue fixed
  • [FIX] grid field editor no more stay behind the parent screen if parent is set to stay on top
  • [FIX] Length reported in ADIF format for frequency was incorrect
  • [FIX] Omnirig dual radio – one off issue fixed
  • [FIX] Award statistics view (chaser / activator / reference2reference filters)
  • [FIX] Prevented removal of QSO primary keys (date/callsign/band/mode) at database level
  • [FIX] My Rig and My Antenna not correctly retrieved when using a different profile in QSO Edit
  • [FIX] Reported length of ADIF fields now consider // as start of the comment and exclude comment length from adif field calculation
  • [FIX] Hrdlog sends online status even with not active.
  • [FIX] Changes in Winkeyer UI won’t trigger main UI interface refresh, stealing focus
  • [FIX] Current references in QSO under edit are not cleared if main parameters (band/mode) changes. User must check if current awards registered are still valid for the QSO even under new parameters. DXCC change always clear preselected awards

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