WSJT-X v2.2.1 – Bug fix release

WSJT-X v2.2.1 is a bug fix release that fixes regressions found in the prior v2.2.0 release.

Here is a brief summary;

– Incorporate a revised Hamlib version the address a regression in rig control of some rigs including the Yaesu FT-991 and FT-891. – Repair a defect in 6 character gridsquare lookup from the CALL3.TXT database, and improve “Lookup” button processing.

– Repair a defect with selecting Wide Graph 2D spectrum types in translated UIs. – Repair a regression that blocked the Highlight Callsign UDP request from highlighting terms including a ‘+’ character.

– Repair a defect that caused hash code lookups of one’s own call to fail after an extended period of inactivity, when operating with a non-standard callsign.

– Repair a regression where occasional Highlight Callsign UDP requests with the ‘Highlight last’ parameter as true highlighted a match in a prior period. This fix include a performance improvement when processing any Highlight Callsign request with ‘Highlight last’ as true.

– Include support for the Yaesu FT-920 when controlled by Ham Radio Deluxe. This change inadvertently missed the v2.2.0 GA release.

– Correct a documentation issue with the UDP Message Protocol Status(1) message Special Operations Mode enumeration values (“WW DIGI added”, Fox, and Hound renumbered). Thanks to Sam, W2JDB, for raising this issue.

– Updated Catalan UI translation, tnx Xavi, EA3W.

– Italian UI translation, tnx Marco, PY1ZRJ.

– Updated Spanish UI translation, tnx Cedric, EA4AC.

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