Update JT-Alert 2.16.17 – 06-12-2020

Chang Log

Important note regarding FST4 mode: FST4 support is only partial.

 Accurate FST4 B4 checks and FST4 logging are fully supported.

 There is no Alerting for FST4 DXCCs, States, Grids, Prefixes, etc.

There is no reporting of FST4 activity in the Mode Activity window.

 Includes Callsign database file version 2020-12-06 (2020-Dec-06)

New Features:

– Callsigns Display Grid: New online for text messages indicator, a filled square, can be shown in the top-right corner of the Callsign display. See the “Windows -> Text Messages” section of the Settings window.

– Logging: New option to ‘Log USA District “DC” as State “MD”‘. This option is off by default. If enabled “DC” based stations will have their State converted from “DC” to “MD” and logged as “MD” regardless of the value returned from XML lookups and previous QSO lookups.

– Command Line Parameter: “/myid=” a user defined string that will appear in the status section of the JTAlert titlebar text. This parameter is not used internally by JTAlert except for the status display.

– WSJT-X Multicast UDP: Due to the unrelaibility in automatically determining which network interfaces are being used by WSJT-X for multicast UDP, JTAlert now has an explicit setting to indicate if WSJT-X multicast UDP is using a loopback interface. Ensure that the “Settings -> WSJT-X UDP Multicast on Loopback” menu is ticked. This applies for WSJT-X 2.3.0 -rc2 and later. The setting is ignored when using WSJT-X 2.2.2 and earlier.


– US State Alert: “Consider DC as MD” setting moved from the “Rebuild Alert Database” section to the “Alerts -> Wanted US States” section of the Settings window. This setting is now titled ‘Alert “DC” as “MD”‘. When this setting is enabled, all “DC” stations will alert as “MD”.

– Decodes Windows: Online for text messages indicator symbol changed from a filled circle to a square.


– FST4: Callsigns not being displayed in the Callsign display and decodes not being displayed in the Decodes History window..

–Decodes Window: Fatal error when changing the “Highlight excess DT” threshold value in the Settings when the Windows regional-settings utilizes a non-dot for the decimal separator.

-Text Messages Window: Incorrectly being show at JTAlert startup despite the “Receive text messages …” option being turned off.

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