Update GridTracker v1.21.0407 – 07/04/2021

GridTracker v1.21.0407 : https://gridtracker.org/downloads/
An Amateur Radio Companion by the Amateur Radio Community
General Information
This is the 2nd hot-fix open source release. We would like to thank everyone that
found things that did not work or didn’t work exactly right and brought them to
our attention as well as everyone that has brought us suggestions for
Stephen ‘Tag’ Loomis has graciously made GridTracker open source. That means
we can all work together to make it better. ‘Tag’ has decided to spend more time
focusing on other projects, but there is a new core team of developers who are
working to keep things current and continue on his great work.
GridTracker is now:
Copyright © 1998-2020 by Stephen ‘Tag’ Loomis
Copyright © 2020-2021 by GridTracker.org
All rights reserved.
GridTracker uses the OSS compliant BSD 3 Clause License
Source code is available at GitLab: https://gitlab.com/gridtracker.org/gridtracker
Program Update
[Bug Fixes]
• mp3 alerts from previous version now work correctly
• callook lookup preference now stored
• call roster WSJT-X/JTDX instance label/checkbox overlap fixed
• new icon to request ClubLog OQRS QSL
• add eQSL check in log file processing

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