LogHX3 Update build 634 (16 April 2021 )

Ver. 3.0 build 634 (16 April 2021

Setup->Digital setup->Add SDC engine for digital modes (http://sdc.qrz.ru) Now log works with deleted coutries. For more info read here: https://forum.qrz.ru/355-loghx-apparatnyy-zhurnal-lyubitelskoy-radiostantsii/47180-loghx-aktualnye-relizy-i-istoriya-izmeneniy-34.html#post1776838

Cluster and JT-calls winows – autofit gtid height from font size.

Cluster winow – menu Word wrap Info field. 

Utilites – Statistic – Band/Mode statistic – add menu: Wkd/Cfm, Only Wkd, Only Cfm.

Setup for log columns->now you can use “Drag-and-Drop” technology for move columns name in list-box.

Setup->Mode setup->Move rows in table by mouse. 

File->Import->Add Timestamp for import QSO. 

Upload QSO to LoTW/eQSL etc. servers – add checkbox Manually upload to server (only create ADIF file)

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