Update JTDX v2.1.0-rc151 – 19/06/2020


– restored band scheduler functionality
– implemented called list in QSO history with 300 second active state for callsign
– patch to AutoSeq: QSO shall be resumed upon getting R+REPORT message
– prevent starting AutoSeq4+ in wrong interval while listening(DX Call is empty), it caused message transmission in wrong interval
– improved AutoSeq SkipTx1 functionality
– compound callsign shall be changed to base one in QSO history upon getting incoming call with base callsign (compound to nonstandard callsign QSO)
– attempt to improve audio frames handling
– let Windows users to decode some FT8 intervals with drops of audio stream. Signals in such intervals will have wrong DT, added debug recording for forced decoding due to audio drops into ALL.TXT file.
– Windows OS: lost audio blocks notification and tooltip in Band Activity label
– typo error in frequency list: T10 mode frequency is changed to 24920000
– added new FT8 frequencies to 40, 30, 20 and 6m bands
– Misc tab: added option to hide decoded telemetry messages
– option to clean up wanted callsign from list at logging, enabled by default. ‘Clr’ checkbox is located close to wanted callsign list, added tooltip.
– option to clean wanted grid at logging, new Clr checkbox and tooltip added
– option to hide own callsign decodes in WSPR mode
– reworked starting of decoder for partial interval decoding
– clear 12-bit hashtable if band|mode changed
– added WSJT-X 2.2.0 FT8 protocol changes
– improved sync to CQ signals: better FT8 decoder sensitivity for non-overlapped signals
– a bit improved FT8 decoding efficiency
– improved FT8 decoder sensitivity in subpass and SWL modes, also improved for incoming call on QSO TX/RX frequencies
– FT8 decoder shall use single thread in auto mode for dual logical core CPU
– withdrawn ‘more than 3 threads’ criterion for extra FT8 decoder cycles activation
– patch: FT8S messages with hashed callsign shall be parsed
– catching protocol violation: FT8 AP false decode ‘mycall <…> grid’
– prevent most false decodes in DX Call searching
– some more false decode filters added
– patch to ‘monitor off at startup’ functionality
– intermediate JTDX builds (internal testing) shall expire in three months
– under Windows OS stdout/stderr of jtdx process shall be passed to CLI
– defined path to static LIBUSB library to let making win64 builds under JTSDK
– attempt to add QDarkStyle in JTDX, so far working under Linux only with some fonts with key -stylesheet :/qdarkstyle/style.qss
– translation updates
– ALLCALL7.TXT file update as of June 15th, LoTW users list is updated, big cty.dat as of May 20th 2020
– JTDX 2.1.0-rc151 is built with modified Hamlib source code tagged as rc151

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