Ham Radio DeLuxe – Update To V6.7.0.301


  • [Maintenance] Partial and Exact buttons on ALE no longer working (WA9PIE)
  • [Enhancement] Add “Comment” Field to the dropdown for “Filter” (WA9PIE)
  • [Bug] Filling in a Call in ALE and Hit Enter takes long time to be written to the DB (WA9PIE)
  • [Maintenance] copyright Date not updated (WA9PIE)
  • [Bug] ALE “Start” time is not being properly reset when the user has set it to “Set by User” (WA9PIE)
  • [Enhancement] Add option to include Comment field from prior QSO to be included in callsign lookup (WA9PIE)
  • [Maintenance] New and altered IOTA data in Logbook (DOUG)
  • [Enhancement] Add support for Yaesu FTDX-101D/MP (DOUG)
  • [General] What is the difference between Logbook’s Comment field and DM-780’s Remark field? (WA9PIE)
  • [Bug] Cannot connect to DX cluster when the user has selected a callsign to use that contains a slash character (WA9PIE)
  • [Bug] Order of callsign lookup methods are not saved when re-ordering them in “Enabled Methods” (WA9PIE)
  • [Bug] Additional callsigns with prefix that do not contain a number are not showing in My Station (WA9PIE)
  • [Bug] Lookup while in update mode overwrites QSO date/time (WA9PIE)

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