Swisslog For Windows – Update To V5.100C


  • Corrected: when entering QSOs with an existing station working in a new QTH locator and both locators had 4 digits (existing and new), no new HomeQTH was created. This caused setting the new locator to previous QSOs!. This issue affected specially /MM operations from different locators. Please review your latest QSO!

  • Corrected: LoTW synch: process stopped during the Import QSO/QSL step and Swisslog became unusable.

  • Corrected: saving QSO with world map open: world map is refreshed automatically to reflect DXCC/Gridsquare changes after saving/deleting a QSO. In certain computers (specially with Windows 7) saving a QSO could take about 15 seconds if Gridsquare field was different than NONE or having CAT button enabled. Now the saving procedure has been improved drastically and it’s faster in all cases.

  • Corrected: panel for propagation mode and satellite name fields: panel was automatically hidden when transceiver control was not used or started. If CAT is used, the button to enable this panel will only work on these scenarios:

  • when editing QSO

  • when adding QSOs on 10m or higher and propagation mode is not SAT
  • when propagation mode is SAT and band is 10m, 2m, 70cm, 13cm or 23cm.
  • Corrected: Exception EAccess violation error when closing Swisslog and the LoTW synch window was open.

  • Corrected: reading from Callbook databases: if QTH locator is wrong it won’t be copied and no error message will be displayed.

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