SwissLog 4 Windows – Update To V5.101 – 25/12/2020

Version 5.101

NEW: Transceiver control: added support for Flex Radio CAT. This option allows you to handle any Flex Radio from 3xxx or 5xxx series. Also allows to connect remotely to any Flex Radio 3, 5 or 6 series. Please read the chapter Transceiver control in the Swisslog help!.

NEW: Transceiver toolbar: added a button to start/stop transceiver control

NEW: Added the MyQTH field in the default logbook queryNEW: SOTA hunters: added 2 new queries in the SOTA folder to be used in Logbook views: SOTA activator / SOTA chaser for CSV exporting. These queries are specially designed to export into CSV in the format required by the SOTA web site to submit your logs (either as chaser or activator). If you are activator, it’s mandatory you create a new MyQTH for every activation and set the summit reference you have activated in the My QTH Abbreviation name field. When you export using the SOTA activator query the CSV file will have the required format.

NEW: World map: added an option called “Update map automatically”. By default this option is enabled. When a QSO is saved or modified the world map is refreshed automatically to reflect changes in the DXCC / Grid statistic status. In older computers this operation may delay a lot the saving procedure, above all if the ALL option is selected in Gridquares. Disable this option if you experience long delays when saving QSOs and the world map function is open.

NEW: the WWFF list now includes IOTA reference. After entering a WWFF reference which is also IOTA, the IOTA field will be set automatically.

Improved: updated some components in the compiler used for Cw Skimmer, MultiPSK and PstRotator link. Also enhanced some parts of the code to improve performance and stability.

Improved: Import QSO:

HomeQTHs creation has been improved a lot to avoid creating unnecessary HomeQTH.

Merge QSO option will only be enabled if there are already QSOs in the Swisslog database.

ADIF import: deleted the option to check if ADIF file contains SUBMODE. Now Swisslog detects the ADIF version used in the file to handle the SUBMODE field automatically.

Corrected: Import QSO: checking the Merge QSO option in a blank database caused leaving blank Continent, DXCC, WPX, WAE, WAZ, ITU, Latitude, Longitude and Time Diff. Now this option will be disabled if there are no QSOs in the Swisslog database.

Corrected: ADIF export: Field ADIF_VER was not formatted correctly

Corrected: Swisslog freezes while downloading new country table / statistic databases in slow internet connections or if user took a while to reply the update message.

Corrected: CW Skimmer: Swisslog could not be closed if linked to CW Skimmer or remained in memory after closing being necessary a PC reboot.

Corrected: MultiPSK link: “Asynchronous socket error 10061” if activating the PSK button to start MultiPSK and connection was not established because MultiPSK was not running. Improved link.

Corrected: Transceiver control: if using Flex Radio 6xxx with auto start enabled and IP is wrong, Swisslog was extremely slow and not responsive.

Corrected: Statistics reports: Report names can’t contain commas otherwise Swisslog will be asking to select the report again at next startup. To avoid this, the comma key will be disabled in this field. Replaced comma by hyphen in all standard statistics reports including commas.

Corrected: Membership panel: added a timeout of 3 seconds for online queries to avoid excessive delay showing logos if a website is down after entering a callsign.

Corrected: PstRotator: the SteppIR controller only read frequency sent from Swisslog if using Rotor 2 (Rotor 1, 3 and 4 didn’t work).

Corrected: Make DX announcement window: changed order to send QTH locators. Instead of DX Loc<Prop Mode>My Grid now is My Loc<Prop Mode>Dx Grid. Although there is not an official standard defining formatted DX spots, this way is most commonly used in Dx spots.

Corrected: Rotor interface window: if rotor control was started, this option didn’t show azimuth or elevation until there were a beaming change

Corrected: now the function to update list of members of DIG will only import active members. Previous list included non active or silent key members which were not accepted for DIG awards. In order to set only active members to all your QSOs in your database I suggest to go to Tools > Update QSOs for for Callsign based statistics then UPDATE the INF_DIG. 

Corrected: DX announcements: RST added as comments was wrong. RST received from partner was included instead the RST sent by us (the RST we are receiving this station).

Corrected: World map and WinKeyer windows: if set as standalone and not stay on top, it always remained on top.

Corrected: World Map: Renamed Yugoslavia by Serbia

Corrected: WSJT-X UDP settings: added a validation in port fields to only allow values between 1 and 65535.

Corrected: Logbook views > Update County from Callbook databases: separator between State and County for US stations was set to underscore instead of dash. Example: HI_Hawaii instead of HI-Hawaii

Corrected: Tools > Set DME from DCE, DEE…: Parameter [INF_DVGE<]![DME] doesn’t have a default value.

Corrected: transceiver toolbar overlapped with QRZCQ button. Although user can move the toolbar manually, many users don’t do it. Now Swisslog corrects this defect

Corrected: QSO entry (Change layout in Previous and New QSOs tabs): callsign, comments, distance and QTH Locator fields were displayed in German.


Updated country table. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Erik, EI4KF.

Thank you very much to Guy F6DKQ and Kuno DF1SD for the huge translation work in French/German respectively

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