Update JTDX 2.2.0 rc155 -30.12.20

JTDX 2.2.0 rc155

 Cumulative changelog of rc155

– added latest WSJT-X changes to message packing/unpacking
– option to hide hint notification char, control via Notifications tab of configuration settings
– patch to band scheduler functionality
– toggle skipTx1 when user’s callsign is changed between standard and non-standard one
– option to add distance of QSO in comments of the QSO ADIF record, control via Reporting tab of configuration settings
– displaying output power functionality is updated to recently introduced Hamlib RF_POWER_METER_WATTS
– let user to get/refresh audio device list from operating system, ‘Refresh’ button is added into Audio tab of configuration settings
– update serial port list on launching JTDX configuration settings
– allow to use old CMake versions for building JTDX under Win32
– withdrawn restriction of writing UHF/VHF band change to ALL.TXT file under ‘allow TX frequency change while transmitting’ option
– added 8m band
– patch: ensure mode change on rig at acceptance of the configuration settings changes if USB or Data/Pkt is selected in JTDX ‘Radio’ tab settings
– ALLCALL7.TXT update as of 20201228, big cty as of 20201223, LoTW list update as of 20201228
– translation updates

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