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JTDX 2.2.156-corrected (18.05.21)

Changelog  – restore 0.1s delay after ptt off. This patch fixes failure to set VFO A back to RX frequency after end of   transmission in ‘Split: Fake It’ configuration – correct country recognition for ‘OH/’ prefix – autoselection: consider ‘CQ LP’ as ‘CQ’ message, ‘CQ ASIA’ as ‘CQ AS’ message – translation updates – …

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Update WSJT-X 2.4.0 – 25/05/2021

Release: WSJT-X 2.4.0 May 24, 2021  WSJT-X 2.4.0 General Availability Release adds new Q65 mode functionality and decoder optimizations and repairs several defects and regressions discovered in the RC4 and v2.3.1 GA releases. Since the release candidates documented below this final release includes the following enhancements and defect repairs. – On MS Windows WSJT-X now …

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GridTracker Update To v1.21.0520 – 20/05/2021

GridTracker v1.21.0520 – An Amateur Radio Companion General Information This is our May 2021 general release including several bug fixes including one major one and a few new features and updates. Due to the high volume of GridTracker users that were polling for spot data on the PSK Reporter servers, GridTracker was blocked from …

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LOGHX Update to Ver. 3.0 build 642 (14 may 2021)

Ver. 3.0 build 642 (14 may 2021 y.) * Optimization internet search. + QSOEntry window: menu “Space – go to next field” – use “Space”-key as “Tab”-key + New window for check new release/prerelease. Now you can downdload and install new version from log. * Bugfix.

Updat HRD V – 02/05/2021

This release focuses on several important things in two areas – label printing and Rig Control. Here is included in this release: Label Printing Work was done for both QSL and address labels. It is true that this has been a challenging item for many years. What we found was that it appears that Windows …

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Update JT-Alert 2.50.1 – 30/04/2021

Changelog:  *** Includes Callsign database file version 2021-05-01 (2021-May-01) New: – JTAlert: Is now distributed as individual x86 (32bit) & x64 (64bit) builds. Windows 32bit requires the x86 build, while Windows 64bit can run either the x86 or x64 build. The x64 build is recommended for Windows 64bit. Note: The .NET desktop runtime architecture must …

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Update JTDX v2.2.156 29-04-2021

JTDX 2.2.156 (29.04.21) for evaluation and on air testing, this version has no contest function.  Changelog – boost is moved from source code to pre-built libraries – changed debian/rpm package dependencies/requirements – version numeration is changed: 2.2.156 instead of 2.2.0-rc156 – added version information, package description is updated – withdrawn RIG_TARGETABLE_PURE from JTDX code …

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Log4OM Released – 25-04-2021

Release note – Version [NEW] Added export to excel button on grids [NEW] Introduced caching for external sources and callsign statistics [NEW] Added automatic cluster disconnection when counterpart become unresponsive Updated Bonair Island flag Hamlib rigs are now alphabetically sorted by manufacturer-model Added frequency on email alerts Spots can now be sent to localhost …

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LogHX3 Update build 634 (16 April 2021 )

Ver. 3.0 build 634 (16 April 2021 )  Setup->Digital setup->Add SDC engine for digital modes ( Now log works with deleted coutries. For more info read here: Cluster and JT-calls winows – autofit gtid height from font size. Cluster winow – menu Word wrap Info field.  Utilites – Statistic – Band/Mode statistic – add …

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Update WSJT-Z To V0.82 18/04/2021

Changelog v0.82 – Reset dx call when txing on partner freq and qso stopped – Z will now use WD Timer in hound mode instead of stopping TX after 6 attempts – Fixed QSO being logged twice in contest mode – Merged 2.3.1 release – Added option to enable dark mode (View->Dark mode) – Updated …

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