Update Mixw 4 v. – Bugs fixed

BUG fixed:

Not decoding in all modes

 Crach after change sound cards

 Crash if select sound cards Flex 6xxx series

Ham Radio DeLuxe – Update V6.5.0.183 – 16/01/2019

A big “Bug” update…

 IC-7700 add on/off functionality to Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
 FTDX-3000 CAT Commands – Buttons (K7ZCZ)
  FTDX-3000 Buttons Inoperative (K7ZCZ)
 ALC/POWER/SWR Meters not working on FTDX-3000 (K7ZCZ)
 FTDX-3000 Countour Slider missing (K7ZCZ)
  IC-7851 Mode does not changes on cluster spot selection (PD9FER)
 Miscellaneous fixes for FT-991 Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
Implement button access to Voice Recordings Playback Bank, 5 memories, using CAT Command PB Play Back (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook: enable Filter to look inbetween QSO Dates (K7ZCZ)
 FT-991 Rig Control meters to not work (KB3NPH)
 Rig Control: FT-991 and FT-991A have unsupported “VFO Dimmer” slider (WA9PIE)
 Logbook: Don’t ship HRD001.DLL (K7ZCZ)
 LB: Solar Cycle Progression broke (WA9PIE)
 Logbook: link to Hamcall subscription in configuration dialog is 404 (K7ZCZ)
 FT-991A S-meter in RC GUI locks (K7ZCZ)
 Column headers truncated; “Width” button/function does not resize to the column header (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: FTDX 3000 Slider “45: Microphone Scan” has incorrect settings (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: FTDX 3000 Slider “54: CW Pitch” reads correct values but doesn’t set values (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: FTDX 3000 TX and RX Polarity sliders don’t works (K7ZCZ)
  Rig Control: FTDX 3000 “096 Data Output Level” slider doesn’t work (WA9PIE)
 Rig Control: FTDX 3000 EQ Frequency and Level sliders don’t work (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: FTDX 3000 Parametric EQ Frequency and Level sliders don’t work (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: APF and Contour on/off buttons don’t work for FT-991 (K7ZCZ)
  Rig Control: can’t set FT-991 to C4FM mode (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: FT-991 and FT-991A “Keypad Brightness” slider doesn’t work (WA9PIE)
  Rig Control: FT-991 and FT-991A “Microphone Scan” slider has opposite effect (K7ZCZ)
  Rig Control: implement support for Yaesu keyer memories (K7ZCZ)
Logbook: Can’t drag-and-drop enabled callsign lookup sources in configuration dialog (K7ZCZ)
 Logobook ALE lookup code is overrun by copy-and-paste (K7ZCZ)                                                                         Logbook closes. (K7ZCZ)
 Build script should mark MIME type of files uploaded to Google Drive (WA9PIE)
 RAC Lookup leaks memory on failure (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook crashes when attempting to print labels after enabling new label printing(ARMAN)                                           logbook should use HTTPS to access HamQTH online callsign lookup service (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook can’t lookup HamQTH callsign when password contains special characters (K7ZCZ)
 Yaesu FT-991A and FTDX-3000 not keying Via Rigcontroll and DM-780 Beta (K7ZCZ)
 Update copyright notices to 2019 (K7ZCZ)
 Hamcall.Net callsign lookup in Logbook causes crash (K7ZCZ)
 move controls for the config of each Logbook Callsign Lookup data source their own property page (K7ZCZ)
 DM-780 ALE Malfunction (KB3NPH)
 FT-991 Contour Filter slider not working properly (K7ZCZ)
 Can’t control Parameter 114/115 on Yaesu FT-991A (K7ZCZ)
 FREQ_RX send in wrong formating to QRZ.com Log (K7ZCZ)
 Uploading log to QRZ sets the field eQSL Sent to Yes (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook: link to QRZ subscription in configuration dialog is 404 (K7ZCZ)
 FT-991A Inoperative Sliders (K7ZCZ)
 Setup: EULA has very old address for the company (K7ZCZ)
 Documentation: contains dead link to third-party website (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: consider removing vCOM driver from product (K7ZCZ)
 FT-991 firmware upgrade makes HRD unusable (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook: “Web Log” dialog has help text that links to an obsolete website (K7ZCZ)
 Digital Master: “Copyright” help text mentions hb9drv.ch (K7ZCZ)                                                                                     Logbook: EQSL logging code may over-step array bounds (K7ZCZ)
 Setup: install newer VC 2013 runtime kit (K7ZCZ)
 V6.4.0.876 – FT-991A missing VFO-B in GUI (K7ZCZ)
 DM780: typo on “channels” tab in options page (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook: slow response from HRDInterface() can hang Logbook (K7ZCZ)
 N1MM Logger 80m contacts forwarded to Logbook captured as 93m (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook: Manual QRZ upload doesn’t work reliably (K7ZCZ)
 Logook: Manual QRZ upload shouldn’t try to upload when no items selected (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook: edit control on QRZ.COM dialog box is too small (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook: “qrz.com Upload” dialog has edit control that’s too small (K7ZCZ)
 FT-991 and FT-991A Frequency changes very SLOW! (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook: crash when working EQSL Upload dialog (K7ZCZ) DM780 crashes (K7ZCZ)
 New Beta Digital Master crashes on loading. (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: can’t connect to DemoMatic radios (K7ZCZ)
 Icom Memory Management function erroneously reporting failute to update (K7ZCZ)
 All: all applications load city, state data even if they don’t need it. (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: Layout Size isn’t checked in context menu (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: FT991 is shown with “Roofing Filter” drop-down (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook: empty dates will not always sort correctly (K7ZCZ)
 Selecting Demomatic radio causes DM780 crash (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: could have a slider for FT-991, FT-991A “Quick Split” setting (K7ZCZ)
 Rig Control: buffer overrun crashes reported in port enumeration during Connect dialog (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook: throws assertion for missing string resource at startup (K7ZCZ)
 Cleanup: resources use inconsistent language IDs (K7ZCZ)
 Incorrect URL (g3ucq)
 New installation: logbook crashes and produces minidump (K7ZCZ)
 move “Test” feature of Logbook’s Callsign Lookup config to its own property page (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook can’t lookup HamCall callsign when password contains special characters (K7ZCZ)
 Incomplete message in Callsign Lookup options beta v6.5.0.168 (K7ZCZ)
 Provide reliable web service with solar data in Logbook (K7ZCZ)
 Cache Logbook’s most recent solar data locally (K7ZCZ)
 Update Logbook’s solar data in each build (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook’s redundantly loads same solar file three times (K7ZCZ)
 Logbook has redundant menus for the same solar data (K7ZCZ)

H33J – Panama

DX Special Event Station from Panama during 13-31 January 2019.

Concentration on 160m, 80m & 40m FT8,

but operation also on 160-10m — CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8.

For location and antenna details, see HP3AK on QRZ.com.

Email during the operating period can be sent to: h33j@jaymills.org

QSL via: LoTW or JA1HGY or Club Log OQRS.

Location: Volcan, Chiriqui Province in Western Panama.

Four operators, JN1RVS, HP3AK, HP3SS and HP3/WA6YJW.

Concentration will be on 160m FT8 when the band is open.

They will work simplex on usual frequencies 160-10m, unless otherwise announced.

FT8 – 1.840 + 1.908 simplex for JA; SSB 75m 3799.5 +/- QRM.

HI1LT – Beata Island, NA-122

A team consisting


will be active from

Beata Island NA-122



between  20-28 January, 2019.

QRV on HF Bands


QSL via W2CCW.

9LY1JM – Sierra Leone

Team F6KOP

  active as


  Banana Island, AF-037, Sierra Leone

 10-21 January 2019.

Full info :https://9l2019dx.wordpress.com/


Update LOG4OM 1.36.0 – 09/01/2018


Added support to QARTest direct QSO import in Log4OM Communicator(Inbound settings, default port is 9458)

Added support to N1MM direct QSO import(UDP Broadgast -> CONTACT option in N1MM settings) in Log4OM Communicator(Inbound settings, default port 12060)

Added new CAT mode in settings (Source: N1MM – selection: External)

that overrides Omnirig and Hamlib (requires a running communicator instance)

Set autofocus over search fields of QSO Management and QSL Management forms

Added Aircraft Scatter in the propagation mode list and moved the whole list to external configuration file (propagation.csv)

Update MIXW-4 1.07

MixW4 has a 15-day evaluation period, so you may try it before you buy it.

Unregistered version is fully functional, it only shows the UNREGISTERED window to the user.


BUG fixed: The Earth view does not show the direction on the callsign in the contest mode
BUG fixed: The grabber should not capture the callsign in a non-empty field
BUG fixed: Fields: Name, QTH not clear if new callsign is absent in QRZ base
BUG fixed: AUTOCQ macro does not work as expected
BUG fixed: Cancelling an ADIF file output creates a .adi file
BUG fixed: Macro <fq:+1.000>does not work</fq:+1.000>
BUG fixed: Mode RTTYM displays frequency in the RX Window
BUG fixed: Import log from MixW-3 puts data in wrong MixW4 log fields
BUG fixed: ADIF file load changes CNTY field data
BUG fixed: Update log entry with LoTW data. Dates incorrect
BUG fixed: MixW4 log search on country unreliable
BUG fixed: Unable to change QSO country
BUG fixed: Multiple RX windows change mode at the same time
BUG fixed: MixW4 crash whilst resizing 2nd Rx window
The color scheme of the Rx view is aligned with MixW3
Added choice of callsign for the grabber’s contour menu
CAT Kenwood commands processing improved
Always ON/OFF added to PTT RST/DTR CAT settings
Support RBN cluster
Band map added
Create bookmarks from DXCluster on waterfall
New DX-Cluster

Known bug:
If you have problems with decoding, you need to close the RX window and re-open it.
We are working on it…

SWISSLOG for Windows – Update 5.99

Version  5.99 25.12.2018

This version includes the following corrections/enhancements:

  • NEW: DX Alerts: Now you can set DX Alerts in the renewed Schedules function.Swisslog will show up a DX Alert dialog when reading any spot of the callsigns defined as DX Alerts during the defined range of date  (you can even set a sound announcement!). Please read the Schedules / DX Alerts chapter in the Swisslog help (Other features).
  • NEW: JS8Call support. Please read “Digital modes interfaces” in Help.
  • NEW: Tools / Export log to WSJT-X / JTDX: now with just a single click, you can export all your QSOs worked from the modes recognised by WSJT-X / JTDX and Swisslog will create and copy the wsjtx_log.adi directly into the log folder of WSJT-X and/or JTDX. Swisslog will also create a backup copy of the existing wsjtx_log.adi (wsjtx_log_bak.adi) to revert operation in case of problems. Please read the Other Features chapter in the Swisslog help for further details.
  • NEW: Realtime entry: now you can switch realtime entry ON/OFF by double clicking in the date field. In realtime mode, background colour in the start/end time and date fields will be set to yellow. Otherwise will be set to white colour.
  • NEW: Statistic Quick Info View: Splitter bars position are now saved to remember user customization.
  • NEW: Image viewer: now window position and size is saved to remember these settings for the next session. Defined a timeout of 10 seconds to avoid freezing when an image takes a lot to download.
  • NEW: Added the QSL Manager field to the default query in logbook views.
  • NEW: World Map: Now there is an “ALL” option in the Gridsquares field to display all confirmed/worked/needed grid squares in all bands.
  • NEW: Added Diploma 16 to Diploma 20 fields in the PQTH table to allow more awards.
  • NEW: Added WAZ-QSL, WAZ-LOTW, eZ40 (eQSL), ILLW (International Lighthouse/Lighthouse Weekend) and WLOTA statistics.
  • Deleted: Dx message window: Option “Update Quick-Stat automatically”. This option created many side effects. It really had no sense because the info displayed in the Quick Info was impossible to read if many spots were entering at the same time.
  • Deleted: Update AGCW member list from Internet: AGCW no longer makes available their member list due to EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • Changed: LoTW synch requires SSL connections with TLS 1.2 which is only supported in Windows Vista or higher. If you have Windows XP this function will be disabled.
  • Corrected: ADIF import: the OPERATOR field from ADIF was wrongly imported to L_OPERATOR and C_OP_NAME (this field is the logging operator’s callsign). Now at first start up of this version, Swisslog will read all your callsigns from all your MyQTHs and will delete them if found in the L_OPERATOR and/or C_OP_NAME fields.
  • Corrected: ADIF import: Swisslog didn’t import any QSO from ADIF files without header.
  • Corrected: ADIF import: “PQTH is not in Edit or Insert mode” error message and importation was aborted.
  • Corrected: Import QSO: when asked to assign an unknown field, column size could not be changed. If field name was very long user could not wider column.
  • Corrected: Import QSO: violation error if trying to start a new importation without closing the window of the last importation. Now Swisslog will try to close the last window of the last importation (if exists) before starting a new importation.
  • Corrected: Importing QSOs from another Swisslog database: Time field was displayed as 30/12/1899 in QSO listings.
  • Corrected: World map: if Swisslog is installed for the first time, the default high quality texture was not used and land territories were displayed in green colour.
  • Corrected: World map: if selecting a band in the DXCC field where you have no QSOs, the DXCC colour status was not displayed correctly.
  • Changed: World map: redesigned the upper part of the window to allow more space for map. Configuration button name has been changed by an icon.
  • Corrected: Band maps / Dx messages: “” is not a valid integer value” error message when single clicking on a spot with /MM stations.
  • Corrected: Band maps / Dx messages: now Swisslog uses the UTC time defined in Windows instead the time difference to UTC defined in the selected My QTH in order to calculate spot lifetime. No spots were displayed if user didn’t set the right time difference in the selected My QTH.
  • Corrected: Dx messages: when double clicking on a spot, if “Log QSO” was one of the double click actions, the last spot appeared repeatedly all the time.
  • Corrected: WSJT-X/JTDX link: Swisslog didn’t read data after closing WSJT-X or JTDX then opening it again.
  • Corrected: different errors when creating a new logbook
  • Corrected: Add QSO, “Info QSL” tab: Swisslog counted QSOs as eQSL confirmed if the station was eQSL AG member but eQSL confirmation was not received.
  • Corrected: eQSL and LoTW confirmations were not added in the DME statistic definitions.
  • Corrected: Sound Dx announcements: if using several statistics in Dx message window, sound announcements for New, Needed or Worked didn’t work well. Sound announcements will only read the Dx Type (New, Needed, Worked) from the first statistic in the DX message window. If you need sound announcements from several statistics, you will have to use different DX message windows selecting only one statistic in every one of them.
  • Corrected: some minor cosmetic errors.
  • Updated country table. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Erik, EI4KF.

HI6/DK1FY – Dominican Republic

Lago Enriquillo

Holger, DK1FY

will be active from near Lago Enriquillo, Galván,

Dominican Republic



From  31 December, 2018 till 19 January, 2019.

QRV on 40-10m CW/SSB/Digi.

QSL via HomeCall


Willy, ON4AVT

will again be active from Mbour,




From  20 February to  30 March 2019.

QRV on 20m CW, SSB & Digi.

QSL via HomeCall

Copyrighted Image

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