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Update JT-Alert 2.14.5

Update JT-Alert 2.14.5 New Features: – Option to turn off State Code display after Callsign. (Default: OFF, Window: Settings, Section: Alerts, Wanted States). Changes: – The JTAlert “Alternate Layout” build has been renamed “Alt Layout”. – “Alt Layout” builds of JTAlert are no longer provided via a seperate installer. The one installer now includes both …

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Updat JTAlert v2.14.4 voor WSJT-X

2.14.4 (13-SEP-2019) New Features: – Decodes History CQ direction filtering via a right-click context menu on the direction word (in the CQ column). – The Callsign database is no longer optional for JTAlert, as such it is now included in with the JTAlert installer program. The database version included with the JTAlert installer will be …

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Update 2.4.8 – contest logging software Welcome to, ham radio contest logging software by 9A5K. Changelog: Audio control is now absolute. The relative “primary/secondary” model for audio control is removed. (SM7IUN) Fixed issue with RIT on Yaesu FT-991, FT-991A, and FTDX-101D. (SM7IUN) RDA contest and data base updated. (SM7IUN, TNX UR7QM) Rate window no …

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Mixw4 – Update To Version 1.1.1

Version 1.1.1 What’s new in this version? Fixed many different crashes New cty.dat BUG fixed: Cat Yaesu FT-991 New macro functionality <AUDIOFQ:+-FQ> BUG fixed: “Allow manual tuning” in modes CONTESTI & OLIVIA

Update JT-Alert 2.14.3 voor WSJT-X

Changelog: Changes: Decodes History DB highlighting is now dual purpose, highlighting either weak signals or strong signals. Setting the threshold below 0dB will perform weak signal highlighting or setting the threshold above 0dB will perform strong signal highlighting.Decodes History DT & DB highlighting now have user settable background colors. Fixes: Unable to delete Wanted Callsign …

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Update SwissLog 4 Windows – Version 5.99d 03/09/2019

This version includes the following corrections/enhancements: Corrected: LoTW synch: importing QSLs from LoTW resulted in a dialog to map the MFSK/PSK mode into a Swisslog mode. This happened if you worked FT4 or any other MFSK/PSK submode during the past month. This is because LoTW recently adapted the Mode/Submode to fulfill ADIF v3 requirements. The …

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Update SwissLog4Windows – Version 5.99c 26/08/2019

This version includes the following corrections/enhancements: NEW: WSJT-X / JTDX Band Map! You can now monitor WSJT-X / JTDX band activity in a band map. It implements nearly the same features of the regular band map function plus the following: Displays programs used, band and mode in the Band Map Title. Double click in any …

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Mixw4 – Update to Version 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 What’s new in this version? FT-8 V2 BUG fixed: MixW 4 used PSK and BPSK modes. Using now only PSK BUG fixed and adding new features to the World map BUG fixed: DX Cluster Settings (Modes, Webcluster) BUG fixed: Color settings for RxView Added test connection button to Callbook settings BUG fixed and …

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Log4OM 1.39.0 Released

As part of our continuous support and bugfixing we’re releasing an updated version of Log4OM What’s new in the current version:  Fixed an issue when uploading modes that are reported into submode fields in eQSL (eg. FT4) that prevented correct save of upload status in Log4OM  Added direct UDP ADIF import in COMMUNICATOR. Works natively …

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Update WSJT-X – V 2.1.0

New in WSJT-X 2.1.0: The FT4 protocol, designed for HF contesting Improved FT8 waveform generation Low-sidelobe option for waterfall and spectrum display Improved UDP messaging for inter-program communication Improved accessibility features 64-bit Windows installation package Minor enhancements and bug fixes Upgrading from a previous version will be straightforward.  There is no need to uninstall …

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