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Update WSJT-X – V 2.1.0

New in WSJT-X 2.1.0: The FT4 protocol, designed for HF contesting Improved FT8 waveform generation Low-sidelobe option for waterfall and spectrum display Improved UDP messaging for inter-program communication Improved accessibility features 64-bit Windows installation package Minor enhancements and bug fixes Upgrading from a previous version will be straightforward.  There is no need to uninstall …

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Log4OM 1.38.0 released

In this release we fixed an issue with EQSL upload on some modes, switching upload to ADIF 3 at the same time. 2.4.2 – contest logging software Welcome to the home of, ham radio contest logging software by 9A5K. This software and service was adopted and sponsored by K1LZ and you might experience some issues during the adoption until fits its new home. Note: As of Apr-11-2019 the support email reflector is moved from Mailman …

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Update LOG4OM 1.37.0

Changelog:  Added new winkeyer shortcuts: Alt-Enter will save the current QSO. Alt-S will send the text currently shown.  TCP code is now more resilient to random bytes produced by noise on the TCP stack by RF  FT4 mode added to Modelist. If you patched modelist or added modelist_user please remove it as FT4 should be …

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Updat MixW4 – V1.0.8 – 11/04/2019

MixW4 – Version 1.0.8 What’s new in this version? BUG fixed: Not decoding in HELL mode BUG fixed: Import export ADIF BUG fixed: Crash in CW mode BUG fixed: RxView – scroll BUG fixed: Macros import/loading from settings BUG fixed: Transmit Macros BUG fixed: Macros loading from contest settings BUG fixed: Clear QSO in contest …

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Ham Radio Deluxe -Update To -31/03/2019

There are 47 changes in this release. This version contains 26 fixes for the FTDX-1200, 7 fixes for QSL Label Printing, 2 URL cleanup items, 2 fixes for XML logbook backups, 2 fixes for the IC-910H, 1 fix for the FT-950, 1 fix for the FT-891, a fix for ICOM Testing, a fix for Alarms …

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Swisslog Update To Version 5.99a 26/03/2019

This version includes the following corrections/enhancements: NEW: QSO import: added a Merge data option! very interesting to merge data in existing QSO from an import file having most updated information (i.e.: award information, QSL sent indicator from online QSL print services, etc). An exact match must to be found! that is: same call, date, time …

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Release: WSJT-X 2.0.1 (25-02-2019)

WSJT-X 2.0.1 is a bug fix release including the following defect repairs reported since the v2.0.0 GA release. – Remove startup message about importance of upgrading to v2.0. – Relax ADIF log file parsing to allow garbage between records and records with no DX callsign – Fix bug that prevented retention of power and comments …

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Ham Radio Deluxe v6.5.0.196

In this release of Ham Radio Deluxe, there are 97 individual updates to the software (plus 4 duplicates). By application, there are 26 in Logbook, 33 in Rig Control, 23 in Rotator, 13 in Satellite Tracking, and 7 in other areas (DM-780, setup, etc). We resolved the three issues that were reported with the …

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Update Mixw 4 v. – Bugs fixed

BUG fixed: Not decoding in all modes  Crach after change sound cards  Crash if select sound cards Flex 6xxx series

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