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Updat MixW4 – V1.0.8 – 11/04/2019

MixW4 – Version 1.0.8 What’s new in this version? BUG fixed: Not decoding in HELL mode BUG fixed: Import export ADIF BUG fixed: Crash in CW mode BUG fixed: RxView – scroll BUG fixed: Macros import/loading from settings BUG fixed: Transmit Macros BUG fixed: Macros loading from contest settings BUG fixed: Clear QSO in contest …

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Ham Radio Deluxe -Update To -31/03/2019

There are 47 changes in this release. This version contains 26 fixes for the FTDX-1200, 7 fixes for QSL Label Printing, 2 URL cleanup items, 2 fixes for XML logbook backups, 2 fixes for the IC-910H, 1 fix for the FT-950, 1 fix for the FT-891, a fix for ICOM Testing, a fix for Alarms …

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Swisslog Update To Version 5.99a 26/03/2019

This version includes the following corrections/enhancements: NEW: QSO import: added a Merge data option! very interesting to merge data in existing QSO from an import file having most updated information (i.e.: award information, QSL sent indicator from online QSL print services, etc). An exact match must to be found! that is: same call, date, time …

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Release: WSJT-X 2.0.1 (25-02-2019)

WSJT-X 2.0.1 is a bug fix release including the following defect repairs reported since the v2.0.0 GA release. – Remove startup message about importance of upgrading to v2.0. – Relax ADIF log file parsing to allow garbage between records and records with no DX callsign – Fix bug that prevented retention of power and comments …

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Ham Radio Deluxe v6.5.0.196

In this release of Ham Radio Deluxe, there are 97 individual updates to the software (plus 4 duplicates). By application, there are 26 in Logbook, 33 in Rig Control, 23 in Rotator, 13 in Satellite Tracking, and 7 in other areas (DM-780, setup, etc). We resolved the three issues that were reported with the …

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Update Mixw 4 v. – Bugs fixed

BUG fixed: Not decoding in all modes  Crach after change sound cards  Crash if select sound cards Flex 6xxx series

Ham Radio DeLuxe – Update V6.5.0.183 – 16/01/2019

A big “Bug” update…  IC-7700 add on/off functionality to Rig Control (K7ZCZ)  FTDX-3000 CAT Commands – Buttons (K7ZCZ)   FTDX-3000 Buttons Inoperative (K7ZCZ)  ALC/POWER/SWR Meters not working on FTDX-3000 (K7ZCZ)  FTDX-3000 Countour Slider missing (K7ZCZ)   IC-7851 Mode does not changes on cluster spot selection (PD9FER)  Miscellaneous fixes for FT-991 Rig Control (K7ZCZ) Implement button …

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Update LOG4OM 1.36.0 – 09/01/2018

Changelog: Added support to QARTest direct QSO import in Log4OM Communicator(Inbound settings, default port is 9458) Added support to N1MM direct QSO import(UDP Broadgast -> CONTACT option in N1MM settings) in Log4OM Communicator(Inbound settings, default port 12060) Added new CAT mode in settings (Source: N1MM – selection: External) that overrides Omnirig and Hamlib (requires a …

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Update MIXW-4 1.07

MixW4 has a 15-day evaluation period, so you may try it before you buy it. Unregistered version is fully functional, it only shows the UNREGISTERED window to the user. Changelog: BUG fixed: The Earth view does not show the direction on the callsign in the contest mode BUG fixed: The grabber should not capture the …

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SWISSLOG for Windows – Update 5.99

Version  5.99 25.12.2018 This version includes the following corrections/enhancements: NEW: DX Alerts: Now you can set DX Alerts in the renewed Schedules function.Swisslog will show up a DX Alert dialog when reading any spot of the callsigns defined as DX Alerts during the defined range of date  (you can even set a sound announcement!). Please …

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